From the July 2005 Idaho Observer:

Proof surfacing to indicate U.S. enslavement of Americans tied directly to "Social Security"

By The Idaho Observer

In the hardcopy edition of the July, 2005 edition of The Idaho Observer are excerpts from documents proving that Americans must have an account number with Social Security before government can abuse them in two very significant ways: Tax their "incomes" and draft them into military service.

It follows that if government cannot (or will not) draft those who do not have a SSN or, likewise cannot/will not directly tax the wages and salaries of those not enrolled with Social Security, then government generally cannot/will not administrate them in the manner it is accustomed to administrating most Americans.

As absurd as it sounds, the SS5 form that opens the SS account that is specified by a SSN is really the contract that turns people born or naturalized as Americans with privileges and immunities under the Constitution into U.S. citizens subject to commercially-determined, statutory due processes.

In many cases it is not realistic for Americans/U.S. citizens to completely sever themselves from the SSN fiction that has been tattooed to their physical, flesh-and- blood lives. Experience has shown that people have accomplished this feat, but it takes a tremendous amount of study and research and a complete reinvention of their lives to cut all ties to the SSN. That means most of us are terminally committed in our various SS account-driven, taxed and regulated directions through employment and the receipt of SSN-dependent government "benefits." For many of us, reinventing ourselves to the extent necessary to break the governmentís presumption of our U.S. citizen/slave status is not a practical reality.

Manygood men and women in this country are attempting to right the wrongs of our contemporary world. We are working toward a saner, more just future we may never see. Since we are working toward the vision that our children and grandchildren may live in freedom, we can tell them now, with absolute certainty: "Government" uses the SSN as its main presumption that we are slaves to be taxed, regulated and drafted into military service.

Following the line of "government" logic here, it views the SSN as evidence that its bearer has agreed to allow the U.S. to exercise the rights of "ownership" over him.

We should tell every young person that we know and every man and woman planning to have children what we have learned about the oxymoronical concept of "social security." When our nationís children come of age, we can give them the power to decide for themselves if the "benefits" offered by "government" through a SSN are worth being taxed to death, regulated like a herd animal and possibly killed in corporate combat. At least we will have given them a choice to be a slave instead of consigning them to that fate during their infancy.

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