From the July 2005 Idaho Observer:

The Hundredth Monkey Wrench Gang

by Hari Heath

The mantra of the many alternative media like The Idaho Observer is "wake up America." Those of us who have "awakened," to one degree or another, find ourselves surrounded by an American population wallowing in a morass of political and economic ignorance. Seemingly alone, we must deal with a human mass whose "up" is "down," lies are facts, paper and debt are money, freedom is consent to socialistic slavery and delusion is reality.

Matters are made worse by this somnolent population’s deification of their benefactor "government." Mere questioning of their faith in "Uncle Sam" evokes a glassy-eyed stare and a silent cry of, "Blasphemer! Blasphemer!"

But the astute and "awake" know that these hominids, ignoramus americanus, are mentally locked in their matrix pod and indentured to their fascist, communist, administrative dictatorship, which can only be called a "government" for lack of any accurate, commonly understood, descriptive word.

But we are not alone. The mission of the many independent media endeavors and the countless individuals who have contributed to the waking up of America has been more successful than we can know. There is an exponentially-growing segment of the public that is becoming aware of the treason and trepidations that surround them. And this is greatly assisted by the idiotic and absurd policies promulgated by the for-profit corporate executives posing as our elected officials in "government."

The hundredth monkey

Several decades ago scientists discovered an interesting phenomenon on some southeast Asian islands. When studying the monkeys there they discovered that, when a monkey on one island began to exhibit a particular behavior—and the behavior was then copied by other monkeys on the same island—monkeys on other islands began exhibiting the same behavior, even though they were separated by bodies of water.

This observation demonstrated the monkeys "collective consciousness." The scientists also observed that when a certain percentage of the monkey population had adopted the particular behavior, the new behavior then became common in monkey society. This is how the term "the hundredth monkey" came into common usage.

This phenomenon can also be observed in humans but we have the added advantage of extensive communications systems. Mass media and the advertising industry use this to great effect. Independent media has been using these tools with scale-proportionate results. Person-to-person contact and our improving use of media tools have resulted in a wave of "awakening."

The key is to reach that magic percentage and create the hundredth-monkey wave (after which a human population—fully cognizant of the corrupted politics around them— and able to effectuate change—will be common). The false religion of government will then falter; the high priests of the political cult will be revealed as perverts and worse; and we can begin the path of repair.

But then what?

Now that we are awake, what then? Alternative media’s mantra, we’ve got to "wake up America" is only a point of beginning. After rubbing the sleep from our eyes, each of us has to put our feet on the floor and go about making a new day. Continuing to plod along with the rest of the ignoramus americani in the morass of ignorance is not a viable option for awakened ones.

But how far must and can we go to leave behind the pit the masses are wallowing in? Given the reach of the corruptive forces and their influence in our world, living outside of their sphere is likely to be a bleak and limited existence. Sooner or later, they will reach out and tax your cave, license your subsistence hunting and gathering and put an excise on your arrowheads and bow strings.

Individually, we must assess what kind of new relationship we want to have with the world around us. We must accept that we are currently surrounded by ignoramus americani: We will engage in commerce with them. We will travel, eat, live, educate and entertain ourselves among them. But if we do not wish to return to their morass, we must modify our former "unawakened" behavior and organize our affairs according to the new paradigm that each of us must design for ourselves.

Know the worst

Consider the following scenario as a graphic example of how our society currently operates. And if you are of the female gender, imagine for the moment, that you are a male equipped with a couple of hormonal production units that keep your eyes constantly searching for a preferable repository for your hormonal unit’s daily production. Imagine such forces driving you. Then imagine that, as you are driving down the street, you see a group of men standing around waiting to take their turn with a woman who is helplessly tethered on the lawn. Would you get out and join in the fun?

Join in the fun?

Most decent people think they certainly would not join in such fun, in fact, they would get out and stop "the fun." But the foregoing example figuratively describes our current economic and political systems at their core. Most of us have joined in the fun unwittingly. So many men are waiting in line to have their fun that we can’t see what’s really going on.

Imagine that the woman is what’s left of our thoroughly abused and defiled constitutional republic and among the men at the front of the line are the bankers, corporate industrialists, congress creatures, regime administrators, military brass, and political power brokers. The next tier is the hoards of government employees and their parallel corporate counterparts, seeking to better themselves at the public trough. And at the third tier, are all the common men seeking some manner of benefit, seemingly desirable, since they are twice removed from the core of the action.

How have you "joined in the fun?" Let’s take a look at our economic matrix.

The cost of debt benefits

Are you under the illusion that banks have money in them which they loan out? Or that the money you put in an account is still there? When you use a credit card, take out a loan, or deposit "money" in an account, you authorize, under the fractional reserve banking system, the creation of "money." The "asset" of your deposit, government’s Treasury Bills or other debt instruments, grants bankers a multi-fold authority to create money for borrowers.

So what happens when you get a loan or use a credit card? You authorize an infusion of created "money" into the money pool, which dilutes the value of the economic units (dollars) in the pool. The pool—in this case our national economy—has a set value at any given time. Adding more economic units doesn’t increase the pool’s value—the value is instead spread across more economic units in the pool, lessening the value of each unit. This begins the process of inflation—a silent and hidden tax we all pay to the banking cartel.

You join in the fun by benefiting from your credit acquisition at the expense of everyone who lost value by holding Federal Reserve "dollars" as an asset. Fair’s, fair, because you lost similar value from someone else’s credit debentures.

But the bankers came out the winners. The current Federal Reserve Bank scheme began over 90 years ago and, since then, the dollar has lost 97 percent of its purchasing power through inflation—a lost value captured by the bankers. The score? Bankers have 97 marbles; the people have 3 left. Do you still want to join in the fun?

Debt on a grand scale

Your personal loans and credit cards are chump change in the big picture. Congress is the great borrower. Remember, the annual federal budget, not counting the black-ops budgets, if it existed in actual one-dollar bills, laid end to end, would exceed the distance of the Earth’s orbital path around the Sun. With tax revenues barely keeping up with the interest on past borrowing, the "government" is kept afloat by more borrowing—enough to pave the Earth’s path around the sun with dollar bills.

When government issues Treasury Bills to the Federal Reserve, in exchange for the authority to cut treasury checks, that’s a major infusion into the economic pool and a precipitating event for more inflation. The bankers win and we fund government with our devaluing "dollar." Still want to join in the fun?

Political fun

Politics is the collection of the sovereign power of the whole people into the hands of a few. Those few, with some limitation, are then able to wield that power as they see fit. All human experience thus far hath shown that those who gravitate to be the few who wield such power are most inclined to behave in a manner like the example given above.

The Founders of the American experiment, begun over 200 years ago, knew this to be the case and sought to limit such abuses by constitutional restrictions upon the powers granted to the collective government. To the "awake," it is obvious, that the experiment is now a drastic failure.

By standing in line for benefits from the failed government, or paying tribute to it with votes or taxes, we join in the fun. Supporting political candidates or parties only encourages them to believe they are legitimate. The awake person would know that this experiment in self-government is an absolute failure. Would an awake person give the current political forces any credence and support? Are they any fun?

The fun of war

It is now obvious that all the feigned pretenses for the war in Iraq are fraudulent. The U. S. regime is now responsible for the deaths of over 100,000 civilians and countless so-called insurgents defending their homeland. Our military’s "in-theater" claimed death toll is approaching 2,000 troops. Countless more have died later from injuries and our own wounded list exceeds 30,000, many with permanently debilitating injuries.

Why? So our soldiers-turned-mercenaries can secure the oilfields for the U.S. corporate interests who continue to supply the American market with comparatively cheap petroleum products. Do you not join in the fun every time you pull up to the pumps? Is it an awake person’s responsibility to find a fuel source that doesn’t involve mass murder under false pretenses? Shouldn’t awake people actively pursue more fuel-efficient alternatives?

The war "of" terror gives many of those waiting in the third tier a chance to move up and leave their burger flipping positions to watch monitors, check old lady’s underwear for C-4 and run background checks on everyone except the real criminals. Want to join Homeland Security and enforce fraud and treason in the land of the formerly free and brave? It promises great pay and benefits.

Never ending fun

The list goes on to provide an endless array of ways those at the inner core can invite the unsuspecting public to join in the fun. Student loans, welfare, government grants, farm subsidies, tax incentives… there’s no end to the opportunities for fun with "government."

But if you are awake and aware a few questions are in order. Where does the benefit come from? Is there any lawful authority for the existence of the benefit or the pseudo-governmental entity that administers it? Does it deprive others of what is rightfully theirs?

How far will we go?

Just how far will we go now that we know what we must no longer do in an effort to extricate ourselves from the morass? Each of us will have to assess our circumstances, the level of commitment we can maintain and our ability to design and achieve our new paradigm.

Most of us are currently enfranchised to the rapine government. Through adhesion contracts and tacit consent we have signed onto the fun. Living free, yet in and around the rapine government’s extensive matrix of control, will be challenging. It may prove to be more than you can accomplish. Find out how much you can chew before you take a bite.

The Social Security Number is key to the rapine government’s matrix. To stop using it will be difficult. To stop government and its corporate counterparts from automatically applying it to you will be even harder. Renting a car, getting a credit card, phone, or electricity without the number will be difficult. Opening a bank account or getting a fishing license will be next to impossible. Are there acceptable alternatives; can you do without?

The Driver’s license is another key. By what lawful authority are they mandatory? I have never been able to get anyone in "government" to answer that question. It will soon become the platform for the new national matrix. Will you submit to the looming federal ID card—aka, the new state driver’s license? It will be complete with a retina scan and other bio-metric identifiers, a re-writable chip and will serve as a gateway to a federal database that keeps the electronic record of our private lives. How far will you let them go?

Living without government-issued ID has its challenges, but in my experience a driver’s license can be quite optional if you know how to safely, sanely and responsibly travel. Allegedly, one in four drivers doesn’t have one.

Would an awake and moral person continue to have a bank account or credit card once they fully understand the operation of fiat currency and the fractional reserve banking system? Will you continue to be complicit in the banker’s crimes? Is it moral to steal from those around you by engaging in fictional debt-based commerce?

You will have to understand the subject and draw your own line accordingly. I haven’t had a bank account or credit card for 10 years. But I engage in commerce with those that do. And I accept Federal Reserve "Notes" as if they were money—at least for now.

The NORFED Liberty Dollar now has over 15 million dollars in circulation. While not accepted everywhere, things are improving. In addition to their paper and silver "cash," they have a digital dollar which will allow you to send payments anywhere on line for a price equivalent to a postage stamp (visit

The biggest challenge in converting to an all-Liberty Dollar economy is finding a network of Liberty Merchants that accept Liberty Dollars consistently and provide all of your consumer needs. But with a hundred monkey wrenchers on the job, it could become our new national currency.

If you are a merchant and want to stop joining in the fun with the rapine bankers, become a Liberty Merchant. It costs you nothing. You just agree to accept Liberty Dollars as payment and may then purchase them at a discount. As of this writing, your business could make 75 cents for every 10 Liberty Dollars you give out in change. Visit or call 1-888-421-6181.

Are you an employee or employer? You may wish to renegotiate the terms of payment. An employer can either pay employees directly in Liberty Dollars, or transfer from one Digital Liberty Dollar account to another. Cost? Thirty-seven cents. And no trip to the bank for either party, with its requisite rapine intrusions into an otherwise private matter.


Will you continue to pay an income tax that you do not owe? This subject is one of the most thoroughly researched and published areas of the federal fraud. To begin your understanding of this subject visit or read the People’s Income Tax Guide (see ad page 16).

Legions of adhesions

Unwittingly, when you lived somnolently in the world where up was down, you completed many "applications" for permission (licenses) or benefits. These tacitly created "adhesion contracts" have enfranchised you to the rapine government and currently subject you to its misguided notions of "jurisdiction." To understand this better and begin your disenfranchisement to the rapine government, acquire and read the Errant Sovereign’s Handbook (see ad page 14).

On the home front

Health: To carry out the mission as a hundredth monkey wrencher, you will need to be healthy. Now that you are "awake," you will know that your food supply, in the hands of the corporations that have commandeered it and the FDA that approved it, is now a toxic wasteland. It will be your duty to yourself to minimize or eliminate your consumption of adulterated, toxified, genetically modified or nutritionally-devoid foodstuffs. And get a supply of the vitamins and minerals you may need before Codex Alimentarius is implemented. Your relationship to organized medicine, if you have one, should also be forever altered or eliminated.

Property: You may think that you own a home, but with property taxes and the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on eminent domain, the first plank of the Communist Manifesto is fully implemented and well entrenched. There has been little to no success in re-establishing the Right to own property in allodium. The tax on real property is too vital for those who wish to maintain the abscess of government.

But hundreds of monkey wrenchers, who want to actually own their property again, might successfully squeeze the pustules out of "government" and reclaim the Right to absolutely own property.

Don’t ask!

The neophyte nonsomnolent American might ask, "why don’t we just bring all these issues to court?" People have been for decades. The lucky ones survive the adventure of truth telling without jail time or leave with a ruling that leaves most of their wealth and property intact. Others aren’t so lucky.

The judicial imposters and their Bar card-carrying associates are the leading edge of the problem. The many issues which perplex our nation are not provable in court—even with all the facts and evidence in order. Would you ask a rapist to rule that rape is illegal?

A national vacation?

The non-violent option is to create a hundredth monkey wave and just quit participating in all the fun. Let’s all take a national vacation: Quit working at your job, burning petroleum products, buying foreign made products from the box stores, close all your bank accounts, minimize your commercial activity and let the rapine corporate government consortium fall down all around us. It may take a month or two.

In the meantime, plant a garden in the lawn, meet your neighbors, spend time with the family and walk. Most Americans are obese enough that it would take a couple of months without the car to get back in shape.

And while you are on this national vacation, study the past and design your new paradigm. Start anew. Have faith. This is a benevolent universe. And a universe of infinite possibilities for human innovation.

Be a monkey wrencher

To achieve the hundredth monkey wave we need activists. But don’t get distracted by the myriad of problems to solve. Pick a focus area and apply your talents. You will probably discover talents that you didn’t know you have.

Throw your spanner in the works. Take a stand—like the woman tethered on the lawn, we have to get up and say no—all hundredth monkeys together: "No more rapine, murderous criminals will be allowed to govern us!" And stay awake this time, America.

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