From the July 2005 Idaho Observer:

The de-neuralization of America

We have come a long way in our understanding of the way things really are. On one hand, this is good—we have sifted through the American dream’s rubble remains and are finding what was actually the cause of our country’s crumbling. On the other hand we see now, with crystal clarity, the simplicity of the mechansims used to destroy us and the inexplicably sinister intentions of those who put them in motion. Read the story below and weep—weep for yourself, weep for your children, weep for the unborn children to come and weep for your nation of lost souls. Then, pull yourself out of that sorrowful reverie, stand tall and and begin putting lives back together again—based upon the knowledge of how they’ve been destroyed. Note: The following explains what is really happening all around us through a hypothetical program.

from the Oklahoma Family Rights Association

While movies like Star Wars and the Men In Black series have given us Hollywood’s metaphorical versions of ‘fictitious’ de-neuralization, (ie: Obe-won Kenobi’s "power of suggestion" and the MIB’s version of "remote control" devices), we have all allowed ourselves to believe that:

#1 this type of brain (re) programming is something about which our generation will not have to worry and,

#2 if it existed, then "the most highly educated population on the planet" would surely be aware of it. Wouldn’t we?

Apparently not, because, you see, the whole point to this kind of mind conditioning is that it be done in such a way that the subjects will not even know what is happening, or what has happened, to them. Their awareness has been eradicated.

Now, as far fetched as this scenario may sound, it is not so far fetched to the scientists who actually study the brain and what affects it. It’s only "far out" to those who have no interest in the dry and technical study of the brain. That’s why they leave the care and feeding of the same to others who are more intellectually inclined towards the subject.

As President Bush declared the 90s to be "The decade of the brain," neuro-scientists came into their own as well as did everything they’ve learned over the last 50 years or so. Now, after 50 years of investigation, this information has finally started to make it into the public domain via college courses, bookstores, and onto the World Wide Web.

However, as dry and dense as some of this information is, the lay-people of this country are beginning to figure out that what’s being done to Americans could have come straight out of Aldous Huxley’s book, "Brave New World."

It’s becoming increasing clear that de-neuralization has been deliberately performed on the American public with the same precision as that done in a hospital operating room, yet not one finger was physically laid upon us by surgeons.

As a result of that pre-programming, genetic and DNA engineering has been performed on the American public with the same precision as that performed in a scientific laboratory, yet not one finger was physically laid upon us by geneticists.

If you do not feel particularly de-neuralized, perhaps that’s because it has been done in the most simplistic way possible using the most obvious means necessary and every citizen has allowed this to happen with about as much resistance as one who has been de-neuralized in the movies. Programmed complacency was the whole idea.

You may not be aware of these effects, but this has been most assuredly practiced through a multi-level plan to separate you from the creative thought, the resulting personal autonomy, and individual independence found in your neocortex.

The main goal has been to make people emotionally insecure by removing them from every safe "matrix" in life. The end result has an entire nation of people who are fully dependent upon The System for their entire livelihood, whether they work in the system, are placed in The System for care, feeding, or reform, or their civilian job is The System.

Everything is connected. This has not been done to ensure the survival of "We, the People" as we have been told. This has been done to ensure the survival of The System and those who make their livelihoods from it.

Level One:

Parental bonding is the first thing to go in this "Brave New Society." This may seem like a small thing, but this sets the stage for the neural and genetic development of the child for life. Unlike we have been told by the science supporting this system, our genetic-make-up is not fixed. It can be manipulated before, during, and after birth.

Therefore, the earlier a child can be disconnected from its parent’s touch, the more lethal becomes the child’s own development mechanisms. This genetic engineering, in turn, can then also be passed down to their own children to create an "instant" brand of total dependence upon the birth of the next generation.

In this social manipulation "project," bonding through prolonged breastfeeding is promoted as "unnatural." Simply put, denied this first, safe bonding process, the insecure child is thrown into his "reptilian brain" activities, which develop only those neurons used for hostile reactions.

This state produces incoherence and forces the child to remain in "fight or flight" mode. When prolonged, this state—induced on any level of this plan—actually suspends the growth of the neural dendrites necessary to access the neocortex where, in the development of full understanding, true-peace and the communication skills necessary for personal autonomy are located.

However, when breast feeding is prolonged to the normal stage, it is documented that children with higher intelligence are produced. The neural connection between their neocortex and their autoimmune system has been secured at least for this stage of life. This is not to say that future damage cannot undo all that this safe "matrix" previously created. As you will see, there are many more damaging levels to this "project."

Level Two:

The second part of our de-neuralization is achieved by taking the child from what is hoped to be the safety of his/her home at earlier and earlier pre-school ages and placing them into cold, threatening classrooms. However, it is not merely the classroom environment that continues the de-neuralization program. The next and third level is Outcomes-Based Education (OBE)—the prevailing model of public instruction throughout the country that is being forced upon an unsuspecting public.

Level Three:

It has been proven that if one does not use certain neurons, in this case those in the neocortex, then they will lose them. This is popularly known as "neural Darwinism." The survival of the most used neurons—and the destruction of the least used. This is where Outcomes-Based, rote learning programs take over.

Through their rote methods of conditioning, the child is forced to remain in his/her reptilian brain, and, once again, they are denied access to the thought processes exercised in their neocortex.

This denial again causes the neurons for autonomy in the neocortex to atrophy. The rote-based learning techniques force the child to then become co-dependent with the system that is feeding them the information that is designed to kill off the neurons for creative thought and self-autonomy. In short, they simply cannot think for themselves because those neurons don’t work anymore.

Where the creative arts programs in schools would counter this neural damage and actually rebuild the affected dendrites, they, too, are being systematically eradicated. Hence, the child has no way to combat this de-neuralization should he even vaguely be aware that this is what is so desperately needed to keep the brain cells in the neocortex alive.

Level Four:

Along about this stage, the fourth part of this project, television and/or computer use, is introduced into the child’s life—supposedly as "an aid to the development of the imagination and comprehension." However, unbeknownst to the parent, this also causes the child to:

1) In the case of TV, refrain from using their own neocortex to exercise their own inner imagination;

2) In the case of computers, studies have proven that its radiant light ( also from TVs), actually hinders retention and comprehension as opposed to that displayed when learning either concretely from actual experiences or from the printed page.

Simply stated, once again, the child is forced into his reptilian brain and the fight-or- flight mode, which automatically destroys free and independent lines of logical thinking. The television/computer program not only takes the place of the child’s own imagination, but also through other TV programming mechanisms called "Startles" (such as bursts of violence), that have been incorporated into the programming. Startles cause the same neurological and physiological results as parts 1-3 of this sinister project.

An added bonus with "educational" computer programs is that they are purposefully being designed to cause neural destruction in the neocortex and, at the same time, push the pleasure buttons of the brain to cause addiction to the rote-learning processes that are destroying the neurons for personal, creative thought and autonomy. In this way, the child will actually find pleasure in his de-neuralization.

Level Five:

When it was discovered that these first few simple and not-so-obvious methods of de-neuralization were not immediately affecting the population as desired, then the 5th level of the plan was adopted: Vaccine poisoning, which causes the destruction of the very same dendrites on the very same neurons as are destroyed in parts 1-4 of this social engineering project.

At this point the real, raw results of this neural attack began to be very apparent to those who still had full use of their neocortex. Parents began to flee The System by the thousands to homeschool and to protect their children from autoimmune, television, outcomes-based and vaccine damages. They thought they were fleeing to the safety within their own homes, but this was not the case. For, as we shall see, in level 6 of this plan, the very same threat was hiding in their very own homes ready to continue the very same neural damages.

Level Six:

Besides the poisons found in vaccines, the FDA also approved the excitotoxins known as aspartame and MSG for our food and drink supplies. Therefore, the very same de-neuralization was designed to ambush these conscientious parents and their children right in their very own kitchen cupboards and refrigerators. The de-neuralizers had also figured out a way to invade our very own homes through the grocery stores.

Once again, the damage was done without the De-Neuralizers personally laying one physical hand upon us.

However, these same parents wizened up again and began to change their diets to include organically grown foods, juices, supplements, and enzyme therapies to protect their children. This action on their part then ended the covert methods of de-neuralization and forced The System to take more overt measures to ensure our co-dependency upon the same, which, in turn, assures The System’s ability to take care of their own families in the way that they’ve become accustomed.

Level Seven:

Level 7 entails the illegal removal of children from innocent homes by CPS/The Department of Social Services. This has a two-fold result: #1) it guarantees federal funding galore for the counties involved in this federal fraud and #2) it guarantees personal monetary rewards for social service departments, social workers, and foster care parents who can A) allow more neurological damage to be caused to the child removed from the safety of their own homes and, therefore, increase their own salaries and B) adopt them out multiple times for the federal head-bounty this produces.

Again, the child is pulled from the safety of the "matrix’ of his/her loving home and forced into the reactions of their reptilian brain and it’s fight-or-flight mode and the resulting neural damages.

Again, this procedure destroys the neurons for creative thought and personal autonomy. Personal (neocortex) development is once again denied. Instead of helping the child get ready for autonomous life outside of The System, it creates another person even more co-dependent upon its "help" than they were before. At this level, it’s even being reported that The System has also begun to fraudulently abduct the children of the military as well as those of civilians.

The children who were safely protected from Outcomes-Based Education, vaccine and dietary damages to their neurons and bodies are also forced into the same by these agents of the system upon their placement within The System. However, this is not the only neurological and physiological damage caused by CPS abductions.

Level Eight:

Level 8 includes severe, purposefully-induced mental, emotional, and physical trauma from which some children never recover. Some are even murdered by their "care-givers." The statistics now prove that more children within The System are abused when placed in foster homes than if they were left with their own families.

Level Nine:

If the child still has any personal, "free-thought" neurons working after all of this stress and pressure, then The System forces the child into level 9: Psychotropic drug use. More than half the children in The System are now on these dangerous drugs, some even as young as one year old. They have been proven to cause irreparable liver damage, Parkinson’s disease, severe permanent facial ticks, as well as suicide. The 1993 Chemical Weapons Convention bans their use, but they are still being forced upon a generation of children in the United States: "The Land Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave"...

Level Ten:

When all else fails, or all else works, depending on the point of view, level 10 of this plan comes to light as "The Mental Illness Screening Program" that will be coming to your school and home very soon. Congress is in the process of legalizing the finishing touches on the "De-Neuralization Of America" project through the methods outlined in that screening plan. The Homeland Security Act aids its implementation by taking away every civil right you have to refuse this "help."

Welcome to Aldous Huxley’s "Brave New World" wherein The System, run by multinational corporations and the international banking community, have taken control of your every neuron through methods quite beyond the scope of your awareness. The most severe "side-effects" of this neural damage I’ve saved for last, because they are the most insidious part of this plan: They have literally caused thousands upon thousands of cases of autism spectrum disorder and Alzheimer’s disease.

In relation to autism, when the rote/reptilian brain, (for long-term memory), was the only part left working in outcomes-based educated, fully-vaccinated and dietarily-poisoned parents, then this damaged state produced genes that were programmed to automatically produce the same neural destruction in their children. Therefore, when the child was born, whether or not he/she lacked prolonged breast feeding, received vaccine and/or dietary poisoning themselves, the result was that their neocortexes still automatically shut down at the first sign of a random, original thought and at the first sign of independence. This usually hits children roughly around the age of two: The very same age as when "autism" attacks... The "free-thought" neurons in their neocortex automatically wither away to nothing.

When pre-programmed children are born seemingly "normal," this display of personal autonomy is short lived. The neurons and pathways to the neocortex have been pre-programmed to "self-destruct" due to methods in levels 1-10 used on their parents. The child’s neural dendrites for neocortex use are, therefore, genetically nipped in the bud. It was the result of the pre-programming for rote processing passed down to them from their parents. This is why autistic children are stuck in rote mode: repeat, repeat, repeat in echolalia and rote-linear behaviorisms. Neural damage in the form of axon destruction produce the other sensory impairments that plague these children: Aversion to light, noise, and touch, etc.

The Alzheimer’s sufferer is enduring the very same fate in their "disease." After all of the rote reptilian processing to which they are forced to submit, science has admitted that nothing is left of their brains, but the same rote reptilian neurons stuck in the very same rote thought processing. One can only begin to guess at the myriad of other physiological results this social engineering project has produced, which our very own tax dollars have brought down upon our nation.

Level Eleven:

Level 11 of this project is subversion of the entire population. Who will protect us when we have all been mislabeled, drugged and de-neuralized? Beyond all the other side-effects, this is the one result that should get your attention. This just happens to be the greatest national security crisis the people of the United States have ever faced.

Wake up. Wake Up, America, and find the truth that’s been hidden from you in the full-understanding of your neocortex and once again rise up in defense of PERSONAL thought and it’s resulting PERSONAL freedom. I urge you to do so quickly—before everyone in the nation is de-neuralized right before our very eyes and there is no one left who can neurologically grasp the severity of this situation and save us from it.

This isn’t a movie; it’s real life. The de-neuralization processes are actually happening and have been reported in local and national newspapers, books, articles, medical journals, and on the Internet. The only thing I ask you to do is to figure out which Level YOU are on, and then go do something concrete, creative, and constructive to combat this engineering project. That is the one, true road to recovery.

Note: This article came with over 80 online references which can be found online at

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