From the June 2005 Idaho Observer:

What Uncle Sam wants for you

Uncle Sam

To understand how Uncle Sam views the American people, one must merely look at what is being forced upon them at the federal level and what city, county and state governments are willing to do in order to please the great money givers on Capitol Hill. The fruit of government endeavors today is very bitter—and there is no evidence to suggest that the tree of liberty is being fertilized to make the coming years any sweeter.

"By their fruits ye shall know them."

With every dollar (tax or imaginary) thrown at America’s problems, they get worse; with every law passed to remedy one of Americas societal ailments, the sickness spreads.

At some point we must begin to suspect that kind ol’ Unky Sam is no longer working to help the American people.

Today’s incarnation of Uncle Sam is much different than the kindly uncle of a century ago. By itemizing what today’s Uncle Sam wants from us, it is much easier to see what he wants for us.

Uncle Sam wants you...

To snitch on your neighbors

To tell on your parents

To take pharmaceutical drugs

To live in fear of a terrorist attack

In court, prosecuted and found guilty


Deep in credit card debt

To lose your home and property in foreclosure

To drink fluoridated water

To depend upon government handouts for your daily bread

To eat packaged and processed food

To eat and drink plenty of sugar

To poison your mind with aspartame

To obey the law and buckle up for your own safety

To continue fighting amongst each other

To keep watching TV

To fill your teeth with mercury

To breathe polluted air

To keep paying taxes so that government can continue taking good care of you

To let us teach your children to be mindless tools of the state

To enlist and liberate innocent civilians by killing them

To give up your civil liberties

At the mercy of our police, prosecutors and judges

To believe your votes count (even when we don’t count them)

To obey


Purchasing foreign goods

Guzzling gasoline

To support multinational corporations

To poison your home and yard with dangerous petrochemicals

To think globally

To never question authority

To have our number

To trust your politician

To feel important when we dress you up in uniforms, give you badges, medals and guns

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