From the June 2005 Idaho Observer:

Prior planning for 9/11 may have begun in the 60s

by Greg Szymanski

The U.S. government has always firmly denied having any concrete evidence or warnings about 9/11.

However, three separate stories surfaced, showing President Bush and others most likely are lying about what they really know. These three bombshell stories, ones the government would like to forget and the media will never report, not only show the government had prior warnings, but that it actively participated in planning how the jetliner strike would take place. The watered-down 9/11 Commission investigation, of course, never checked out the stories and never even addressed the possibility government insiders helped to plan the attacks.

The 9/11 Commission essentially put a giant rubber stamp on the official government version, a story repeated so many times that most Americans probably can recite it by heart: "Nineteen Arab terrorists with box cutters flew four jetliners into the most highly secured airspace in the world without detection, toppling the Twin Towers, crashing into the Pentagon and killing over 3,000 Americans."

But recent evidence, especially contained in the following three stories, clearly demonstrates it may be wise to investigate further regarding government complicity in 9/11.

These stories do not touch on evidence showing government complicity in the actual events of 9/11, but strongly suggest the government actually took part in plans and preparations to bring about another Pearl Harbor event in order to justify the ongoing war in the Middle East.


In 1987, two of the many bin Laden Brothers told an unsuspecting American couple about U.S. government plans to topple the Twin Towers and bring about war in the Middle East.

Rene Welch of New Mexico and Ronald Logsdon of Philadelphia tell an incredible story of how they were approached and held captive for several hours in their Arizona home by a group of men, including two of the bin Laden brothers. The bin Ladens apparently heard of the coupleís highly innovative technology and thought it might help them in their effort to stop the U.S. governmentís plans to take over the Middle East and its oil reserves. The two brothers, mavericks of the family, apparently did not agree with the course and direction of American colonialization as well as others in their large family, who were helping America achieve its goal.

During the course of the meeting with the bin Ladens in 1987, Logsdon said he was shown film of secret U.S. intelligence briefings, mapping a strategy for an eventual Middle East takeover. He said the strategy included creating a Pearl Harbor like event in order to scare the American people, paving an easy path to war with immediate public approval.

Incredibly, the bin Ladens told Logsdon the Pearl Harbor event planned, as a prerequisite to war in the Middle East, was the destruction of the Twin Towers by using aircraft as weapons.


In 1976, a U.S. Army private said his unit was asked to create the "perfect terrorist plan," using the Twin Towers as its target and box cutters and airplanes as weapons.

Timothy McNiven of Washington reported that his army unit, stationed in Germany, was ordered to devise the "perfect terrorist plan" way back in 1976, using the Twin Towers as the main target.

McNiven said his unit, including about 100 other soldiers, spent months trying to come up with the perfect scenario to bring down the towers. He said what they devised closely resembled the 9/11 attacks right down to using box cutters as weapons and Arab terrorists flying jetliners smack dab into the towers. Since 9/11, McNiven has been trying to spread the word about the 1976 plan, his story appearing in alternative newspaper accounts and radio shows. McNiven said the American people have a right to know that their government actually planned 9/11 "way in advance. " He claims to be still acting on ongoing orders, given by his unitís commander, telling him that "in the event the Twin Towers were attacked to alert the American people of the 1976 plan."


During the 1960s and the Cuban missile crisis, secret documents were recently leaked, revealing "Operation Northwoods," a secret plan to blame Cuban leader Fidel Castro for a "Pearl Harbor" event to take place in Miami Beach. Although the plan to demolish high-rise hotels was blocked by President Kennedy, it shows the military had already figured out and planned to use another "Pearl Harbor" to justify war against Castro.

The secret documents, never fully explained by the government, show how a terrorist event was to be staged in Miami and then carried out with help by our own government in order to justify attacking Castro. Critics claim this exact same manner of military deception used in "Operation Northwoods" eventually played out for real on September, 11, 2001, when terrorists were blamed for the destruction, paving the way for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq with virtually no dissent from Congress or the American people.

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