From the June 2005 Idaho Observer:

MZE, 2005: "Will we ever have world peace?"

Our editor Don Harkins has been asked once again to speak at the Mut zur Ethik conference in Feldkirch, Austria the first week in September.

The theme of the conference this year is perfect for our times: "Will we ever have peace?"

In 2003, Harkins presentation at the conference was promoting the value of Tom Paine-styled pamphleteering to get simply-stated, common sensical messages out to change the minds of the masses on important issues. In 2004, Harkins shocked the 400 people in attendance, many of them physicians, by going ‘round the world in 20 minutes with global genocide and sterilization through mass vaccination programs. For 2005, he and his friend, traveling companion and, this year, co-presenter Kevin Tighe, will unveil a bold plan to bring global fascism to its knees in short order.

Harkins was informed of this year’s theme after he had watched "The Yes Men" for about the third time. The Yes Men is a documentary that reveals new horizons on the frontiers of public speaking. Inspired by The Yes Men, Harkins and Tighe are going to deliver to the largely European audience in Feldkirch a shocking presentation describing the state of our world, the various attempts by well-meaning people to bring about positive change—and why those attempts will inevitably fail.

The reason all attempts by good people will ultimately fail is they incorrectly identify effects as causes. Our own appetites and frailties as humans create the demands which corporations and governments gladly supply—it’s not the other way around. The cycle of governments and corporations becoming stronger while ordinary people get weaker will not be broken until they (we) cease being the marketplace for their dignity-destroying and planet-polluting wares.

"The solution we are going to propose will be quite spectacular," Harkins said with a mischievous smile. Aside from the sheer audaciousness of the plan, it could work and, indeed, it may be the only thing that would. "The only catch is that for the world to be remade in the image of decency, people will have to behave responsibly, treat each other with respect and live within their means," Harkins added (See "Manifesto for Change" page 3).

While most of Harkins’ and Tighe’s needs are covered by their generous hosts in Europe, they are responsible for travel expenses. To help alleviate the out-of-pocket expenses, The IO staff would like to take this opportunity to encourage our readers to purchase quantities of our educational materials. Donations are also humbly accepted, but we prefer to trade value with our freedom-loving friends while enlisting their help in awakening our countrymen to issues critical to their health and well-being.

A draft of The IO answer to the world peace question will appear in the August, 2005 edition. Harkins and Tighe have also been entertaining the possibility of accepting invitations to expose American audiences to this unique plan to foil the New World Order. Afterall, the American people must participate in the plan if it is going to succeed.

Thank you,

The IO staff

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