From the June 2005 Idaho Observer:

Manifesto for Change

Manifesto for Change


In just over 200 years, Americans have devolved from being a nation of relatively free, independent citizens to a nation of taxed and regulated slaves.

The relationships between people and governments have never changed—the mechanisms by which the masses are controlled just become more technologically advanced. It’s all the same tricks—absurd and oppressive laws, kangaroo courts, progressive taxation, war, propaganda—that have been used by powermongers to control and exploit the bulk of society for centuries. The tricks have never had to change because the people always fall for them.

So, until we, the people, change, we will forever be enduring the vicious cycles of artificially booming/busting economies, war, famine, misery, environmental degradation and police-state oppression.

It is time for common people to become worthy of the respect they demand. People are governed because they can be and because they demonstrate their desire to empower a state to manage their affairs. Change will come when each one of us is capable of governing ourselves and communities evolve to reflect our more responsible selves.

We hold the following truths to be self-evident:

That people are powerful beings who create their own reality;

That, through actions beneath their dignity, people place themselves outside the jurisdiction of natural law (common law), where God reigns and into the jurisdiction of man’s law (admiralty law, commercial law), where corruption reigns;

That the neighborhoods, villages, cities, states and nations living under common law function to the benefit of all within a community;

That neighborhoods, villages, cities, states and nations living under man’s law function to the detriment of all to facilitate the material gains of a few;

That for diseases to develop and spread requires suitable hosts;

That man’s law is a disease that has spread past the private lives of Americans and into their very tissues since human hosts provide fertile soil due to their ignorance, apathy, fear and greed.

That under man’s law, entire nations are destroyed by war, exploitation, immorality, illiteracy and bankruptcy;

That the destroyers, the ultimate arbiters of man’s law, rarely hold themselves accountable for crimes that would be capital offenses under common law;

That all the problems in the world will worsen until man’s law fails utterly, throwing our world into chaos as the systems created, supported and enforced by man’s law cease to function;

That the amount of pain and misery the people will endure once man’s law fails is directly related to the people’s desire to reinstate common law based upon their ability to respond honorably to the challenges of our broken society.

Be it therefore resolved:

If the world is to change for the better, the change must begin with me; my interactions with my God, my family, my neighbors and friends and others with whom I come in contact, will henceforth be uncompromisingly well-intended:

I will become my own expert in matters that affect my health and well-being and the health and well-being of those for whom I am responsible;

I will manage my own affairs in a fair and noble manner that places truth, compassion and simple decency above emotional responses that diminish my dignity;

I will claim as mine only those things that belong to me;

I will covet not the property of others and vow to live within my means, however humble they may be;

I will not intentionally damage others or their property;

I will readily assume responsibility for all my actions;

I will be an active participant in community affairs;

I will be kind, generous and helpful to others and treat them with respect;

I will stand unwaveringly for what is good and right under common law and resist with all my strength any injustice;

I will be faithful and reverent and, through my words and actions, people will know me;

Wherever I go and whatever I do I will be kind, decent and respectful and I will ask for guidance whenever the challenges of life are greater than my ability to behave honorably on my own.

Epilogue: Does nothing we do matter or does everything we do matter? Is it possible that only some things matter? If we are powerful beings who create our own reality then we should live our lives under the assumption that everything—our every thought, every word and every action—matters. (DWH)

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