From the May 2005 Idaho Observer:

A Secessionistís Primer

Secession is a radical act of peaceful rebellion against government authority grounded in fear and anger. Whether or not your state should consider seceding from the Union depends on your answers to the following eight questions:

1. Do you find it increasingly difficult to protect yourself from the debilitating effects of big government, big business, big markets, and big agriculture, who want all of us to be the same?

2. In addition to being too big, is our government too centralized, too powerful, too intrusive, too materialistic, and too unresponsive to the needs of individual citizens and small communities?

3. Has the U.S. government lost its moral authority because it is owned, operated, and controlled by corporate America? Are national and Congressional elections bought and sold to the highest bidders?

4. Do we have a single political party in America, the Republican party, disguised as a two-party system? Is the Democratic party effectively brain dead, having had no new ideas since the 1960s?

5. Have you become disillusioned with corporate greed, the war on terrorism, homeland security, patriotic hype, the denial of civil liberties, pandering to the rich and powerful, environmental insensitivity, pseudo religious drivel, the culture of deceit, and technofascism?

6. Is American foreign policy, which is based on the doctrine of full spectrum dominance, immoral, illegal, unconstitutional, and in violation of international law?

7. Does your state face the risk of terrorist attack and military conscription of its youth so long as it remains in the Union?

8. As a result of imperial overstretch, has the U.S. become unsustainable politically, economically, agriculturally, socially, culturally, and environmentally? Has it also become ungovernable and unfixable?

If you answered all eight of these questions affirmatively, then you have a moral obligation to lead your state out of the Union. It matters not whether you live in a Red State or a Blue State, the categorical imperative to secede is absolutely inescapable.

"Whenever any form of government becomes destructive, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and institute a new government," said Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. Just as a group has a right to form, so too does it have a right to disband, to subdivide itself, or withdraw from a larger unit.

Fundamental to what it means to be an American is the right of self-preservation. The time has come for you peacefully to rebel against the American Empire by

(a) regaining control of your life from the tyranny of big government, big business, big markets, big computer networks, big cities, and big schools;

(b) relearning how to take care of yourself by decentralizing, downsizing, localizing, demilitarizing, simplifying, and humanizing your life; and

(c) learning how to help others take care of themselves.

This is a wake-up call for the citizens of your state to reclaim their soul-to decouple, to secede from a truly evil empire whose thirst for power knows no limits.

May God bless the disunited states of America

Thoman Naylor

Charlotte, Vermont, April 1, 2005

Note: The first step in a secessionist movement is for individuals to secede from venal and oppressive government in their hearts and minds. The second step is to seek out and associate with others who have seceded in their hearts and minds. When enough secessionists come together, they can then resolve to secede as a group. Traditionally, for a secessionist movement to be taken seriously, a declaration of secession must be submitted by a state. The Second Vermont Republic is laying the philosophical and intellectual groundwork for secession based upon the desires of good men and women of the Republic to separate from the corporate fascists who are leading our nation into ruin. For more information about the Second Vermont Republic, go to (DWH)

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