From the May 2005 Idaho Observer:

Phase 1 of the Minuteman Project embarrassing to feds, inspiring to real Americans; Phase II in planning stage

Polls indicate that at least half of the American people disapprove of the Bush administration’s handling of illegal immigration along the 2,000-mile border with Mexico. For those who live in the border region, it’s not a matter of approving or disappproving U.S. immigration policy; it’s a national security and public safety emergency of the highest order. Unable to demonstrate that the exodus of undocumented (mostly illiterate peasant class) Mexicans is a greater threat to homeland security than elderly men and women boarding airplanes, the Minuteman Project was organized. From April Fool’s Day to May Day, volunteers armed with binoculars and videocameras (and sidearms) stopped illegal immigration along the 23-mile stretch of border between Naco and Douglas, Arizona. Phase I of the Minuteman Project, to the utter embarrassment of the Bush administration, was a success and its participants served with honor and compassion.

Minuteman Project: Phase I wrap up

[from Barb and Joe McCutchen]

876 People participated for at least a 4 hour Training Session and one 8 hour shift on the line.

63 People were here for the entire Project.

The average time on the line was 4.87 days (when the 63 were not included in the stats)

349 Illegals were detained by the Border Patrol as a result of MMP volunteers observing, reporting and directing.

187 Minutemen attended the closing event.

Border Patrol Stats show:

2,996 People illegally entered the U.S. each night of April, 2004.

988 People illegally entered the U.S. each night of April 2005.

2,008 People did not enter the U.S. each night Because of the Minutemen.

During the Month of April 2005 —

60,240 People did not illegally enter the U.S. as a direct result of the activities of the Minuteman Project.

Brief History: Chris Simcox of The Tombstone Tumbleweed and Jim Gilchrist formed Civil Homeland Defense in the late 90s to develop a network of neighborhood watch groups to protect each other, each other’s property and the nation from the thousands of illegals walking in and taking up residence in our country every day.

Over time the groups’ rough edges were worked out and members were well-trained and well-disciplined in the acceptable parameters of the mission and public relations. Soon after President Bush announced in 2001 that he intended to grant amnesty to illegals living in the U.S., the number of illegal border crossings tripled to an estimated 3 million annually.

No matter how respectfully they petitioned the Bush administration to help stem the flow of illegals, silence was the response. The Bush administration has also ignored the multiplicity of public safety issues—drugs, assault, trash, human filth, disease and property damage—that arise when thousands of undocumented adults and children pass through neighborhoods every night.

It was under these desperate circumstances that the Minuteman Project was born. On April Fool’s Day, 2005, Phase I began. The event was such a success that Phase II is in the planning stages and people from all over the nation are ready to set up Minuteman outposts at other locations along the U.S./Mexican border.

The name of the organization is now the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. The corps is expanding rapidly and is seeking donations for more equipment and other items pertinent to coordinating a civilian defense network along the border.

Simcox denied access to press conference

TOMBSTONE, AZ —Tombstone Tumbleweed owner, editor, reporter and Minuteman Project founder Chris Simcox was barred from attending a press conference with Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff at the U.S. Border Patrol station in Douglas, AZ, May 3. Though several other representatives from other Arizona media outlets were able to attend, Simcox was prevented from reporting the event. Under orders of Tuscon Sector Chief Michael Nicley, Simcox was stopped at the gate, presumably for his participation in the Minuteman Project. The Tombstone Tumbleweed received word that a press conference was scheduled. Simcox called Douglas station and confirmed his plan to attend. He arrived with credentials only to be denied entry. Simcox feels his First Amendment rights have been violated and is seeking advice from attorneys. Chertoff was in the area to tour the border and meet with top state officials. Nicley’s decision to barr Simcox from the press conference sends a powerful signal to the American people: Where most of us appreciate the Minutemen for the stand they took in defense of our borders, the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Border Patrol hold them in contempt.


Minuteman Civil Defense Corps

PO Box 1489

Tombstone, AZ 85638

MCDC can be contacted through the

Tombstone Tumbleweed

(520) 457-3008

Make all checks payable to Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (or MCDC)—thanks!

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