From the May 2005 Idaho Observer:

As many Americans have witnessed, the state consistently does everything in its power to destroy families. The "logic" is simple: Good families produce well-adjusted children who become fully-functional and self-reliant adults who have very little need for government services. The government needs dysfunctional people to administrate in order to justify its existence and continue to grow. Therefore, families must be destroyed so that government can justify itself and continue growing.

The Doty’s, a home-schooling, home-birthing family of nine, were house movers. The two oldest boys, Zach and Stephen, would work with their father about a day a week because he was teaching them the family business. Though the boys enjoyed the work, the state Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) began assessing fines against Jude Doty for a variety of bogus administrative violations that are in direct contravention to decades of agency rulings regarding parent/employee relationships.

L&I fines and penalties totalled $141,000 and then the agency liened up all of the Doty’s property (in excess of $1 million), which clouded titles, cancelled sales, stopped all revenue for the family. It also caused them to lose their primary residence as well—a 3,500 sq. foot home they had moved to their 2-acre homestead west of Yakima. The Dotys are now living in a 34-foot motor home.

Though they have been dramatically "downsized," the Doty’s believe that God has positioned them to be an inspiration to Americans who still believe in the sanctity of family and to be an example of how we, as the people of this nation, must defy the will of the state where it’s policies are destroying the American people by breaking apart their families.

The paragraphs above are just an overview of a complex web of intrigue that involves several bureaucrats and their respective agencies and a prominent physician in the area who decided he wanted to be involved in the house moving business. This short notice is intended to bring attention to the case in advance of a coordinated effort being planned to right the many wrongs that have taken place in this matter.

Look around—people are broken, families are broken and our culture is broken. Most of us come from broken homes these days and can remember the trauma we experienced as our worlds were being torn apart. It is a socio/spiritual imperative that we engage in activities that foster the resurrection of family as a sacred and protected pillar of our culture.

The website above is hosted by the Doty family. We encourage those of our readers who have access to the Internet to visit this website. Since the Dotys came into our lives, we have come to appreciate them and what they are—A truly loving, reverent, hardworking family that has been brought closer as a result of this phenomenal adversity. In this way, the Dotys are a national treasure as one of the few remaining, fully-functional and intact families in America.

We will explore this critical issue further in the June edition of The IO. In the meantime, if you have access to the Internet, go to the site, get acquainted with the Doty family—its calamity, its faith and its mission. When the time is right, we can all come together and pressure the system to do the right thing in this case. And, in the process, we will have made a proactive stand in restoring the American family to its proper place of reverence in our culture. (DWH)

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