From the April 2005 Idaho Observer:

Question: "For whom are ‘our’ troops fighting?"

That U.S. military personnel fight for freedom is a fiction kept alive in the minds of naive Americans. If "our" troops sported logos like Nicolas Lampert’s "Oil Soldier," would Americans finally realize their soldier sons and daughters are dying to make the world safe for corporate profit?


Since Vietnam, U.S. wars have generated increasingly vocal opposition among those who see through the waving flags to find the corporate greed behind U.S. foreign policy.

Time and declassified documents have revealed that issues other than independence prompted the Revolutionary War; that slavery is the excuse for the Civil War; that German (then Japanese) attacks were provoked to justify entry into WWI and WWII and; we were obviously not stopping the spread of communism for the UN during the "police action" in Korea.

Then came Vietnam. Looking one layer beyond the rhetoric, clues to the truth of Vietnam prove that the U.S. was not stopping the spread of communism there, either.

The evidence shows that our grandparents, parents, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters have been dying to protect the freedom of corporations to exploit resources. So why do we keep fighting?

Question: "Why do Americans—government officials, corporate profiteers, family members and friends proclaim "support our troops" while they are fighting and healthy, but abandon them when they come home sick and broken?"

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