From the April 2005 Idaho Observer:

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The earth revolves around the sun and north is up. These and other "facts" are at the foundation of how we view ourselves as human specks in the infinite universe. To consider other possibilities regarding the earth’s relationship to the sun or to suggest that a map of the world could just as accurately place the southern hemisphere atop the northern is akin to challenging the existence of God in most people’s minds.

Following is a short list of axiomatic "truths" and the falsities revealed upon investigation and experience:

1. Vaccines do not prevent epidemics of infectious diseases (they cause them).

2. Pharmaceutical drugs mask diagnosed symptoms by creating new ones.

3. The U.S. government does not defend freedom or civil rights, it facilitates corporate and statutory slavery.

4.The Civil War was not fought by the north to end southern slavery, it was waged by the federal government to prove that the several states shall remain united—at gunpoint if necessary—and to impose federal taxation.

5. The Great Depression was not an accident; it was an event manufactured to transfer wealth accumulated by the American working class into the hands of a select few.

6. The Germans sank the Lusitania because it was carrying weapons and munitions; the innocent travelers who died were used to justify U.S. involvement in WWI.

7. The Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor was not a surprise; FDR had advance warning of the attack—which he had been provoking politically for several months prior; the deaths of nearly 3,000 American servicemen were used to justify U.S. involvement in WWII.

8. The North Vietnamese attack on the USS Maddox in the Gulf of Tonkin, the event cited as the reason for U.S. military involvement in Vietnam, never happened.

9. On July 25, 1990, U.S. Ambassador to Iraq April Glaspie essentially gave Saddam Hussein the green light to militarily annex Kuwait, which he did by August 8, 1990. The U.S. declared the annexation "void" the next day and began the massive U.S.-led military buildup and eventual January 17, 1991 invasion of Iraq.

10. All of the reasons advanced by the present Bush administration to justify Gulf War II—links to Osama bin Laden, presence of WMD, brutal dictatorial tendencies as head of state—have been proved false.

11. Topical fluoride (painted on teeth by dentists or delivered in parts per million via fluoridated water), does not prevent cavities but does accumulate in human tissues to help make people stupid to and promote the development of chronic illness.

12. Many widely-distributed substances of known toxicity receive marketplace approval by the government.

If I were to let this brainstorm run its full course, the entire 24 pages of the April, 2005 edition of The IO could be filled with examples of how truths, upon which our lives as we know them depend, are provably false. But, with the 12 listed, we can directly attribute tens of millions of deaths to policies built from lies. It is impossible, however, to calculate the dollar values associated with the death and misery these official lies have caused.

The question begged here is, "What underlying beliefs are common people programmed with, century upon century, which predisposes them to mindlessly accept as fact lies that perpetuate misery and death for mankind on earth?"

What core beliefs are universally-instilled in people all over the world to achieve their cooperation with those who claim life and death authority over them?

1. We were created by a divine entity who also created the universe

2. The earth and all the planets revolve around the sun, which is the center of one of thousands of solar systems in our galaxy, positioned somewhere relative to innumerable galaxies in the infinite universe.

3. North is "up" and south is "down."

4. Groups of people are geopolitically separated by oceans and borders; socially separated by skin color, ethnicity, cultural traditions, educational background and economic status and; spiritually separated by religious beliefs.

The purpose of this exercise is not to judge people’s core beliefs but to determine what perpetuates the traditional capacity of most people to swallow easily provable lies that spell their own misery and destruction as if they were the words of God himself.

As the initiator of this little exercise, I will make a bold statement intended to get your paradigm-shifting juices flowing: In order to understand the world for what it really is, we must reevaluate everything we have ever been taught to believe.

Upon recalling the process of our being educated in this world, the "operating system" at the base of our programming—God created people and the universe, the earth is a round planet that revolves around the sun with other planets, north is "up" and south is "down" and the peoples of the world are divided—were installed when we were very young and undiscerning.

Again, there is no judgment implied here. All I am proposing is for good people to challenge their core beliefs based upon the experiences they have accumulated since childhood and determine whether or not they are still valid.

I believe the masses are perpetually programmed by the elite to accept nonsense as the foundation of their temporal experiences so that their good intentions can be undermined and their energies exploited by those whose sole intention is to maximize profit and power. What do you think? (DWH)

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