From the March 2005 Idaho Observer:

Justice for Bush?

by Hari Heath

Do you want to be an activist, but just don't know where to start? Would you like to make a difference in this world by holding terrorists and war criminals accountable? Can you imagine a world where the official perpetrators of global genocide receive justice?

Here's an idea. The Bush administration recently raised the bounty for the capture of Osama bin Laden, even though mounting evidence suggests the events of September 11 were an inside job and had nothing to do with any Arab people. How about using the same strategy against the real culprits of global terrorism?

Here's the plan:

1. Put together a trust which holds a trust fund to which people from around the world who want to see justice can donate. It could be called the "Justice for Bush Trust."

2. Develop a web site that explains how to donate to the fund, what the criteria are to collect the fund and give a running tally of the bounty on Bush. The web site could have pages available in many languages, so people from all over world can participate;

3. Locate the trust's base of operations in a secure, neutral country capable of receiving monies from many international sources and protecting the fund from terrorist organizations such as the World Bank, the CIA and the Bush administration;

The primary principle of this project is to give the holdings of the trust fund to any individual or organization who:

(a) captures George W. Bush and;

(b) delivers him to the custody of any country or international tribunal which has the jurisdiction and venue to indict and then try him for war crimes and/or crimes against humanity and;

(c) to be fair, he must be delivered alive and untortured (unlike current Bush Administration policies) to a tribunal which will afford him substantial elements of due process and appellate remedies (unlike our current federal judicial system).

The trust fund should be developed to receive all modern forms of "money": credit, debit and electronic transfer, in currencies from around the world, but upon receipt, any fiat currency should be converted so the fund takes possession of actual wealth, ie., the physical possession of gold, silver or other stable forms of commodity money.

As a side benefit to humanity, if the fund develops into the size that it potentially might, purchasing physical gold and silver and holding it in trust, could cause a ripple through the gold and silver markets, depleting the "supplies" of those financial interests which currently manipulate gold and silver values. Without warehouses of gold and silver to manipulate on the "open" commodities market, this fund could foreseeably shake up the artificially-inflated values of the global fiat monetary systems and rattle the chains of global economic slavery.

There will naturally be some costs associated with administering the Justice for Bush Trust Fund. A small percentage of the fund's gross receipts could be appropriately allocated in the trust to cover necessary costs, with protections to keep this trust from becoming a for-profit scheme.

Following a successful model, this concept could be expanded to include other funds: Justice for Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Rove, Wolfowitz, Haliburton and maybe even the IMF! The trust fund might also include a donation to help cover the costs of any tribunal that would try the criminals. There should be no question about the validity of such a proposed capture and forced international extradition for trial policy. Such a precedent is well established in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, except this project proposes actually filing charges and having a real trial.

How long would it take for the price on Bush to exceed the price the U.S. government has placed on bin Laden? What if every Kerry supporter gave 10 bucks? In a world outraged by the misdeeds of the Bush administration, what if half the people in the world donated their country's equivalent of a dollar? Could Air Force One travel the globe anymore if its primary occupant had a price of three billion dollars in gold on his head?

And if George Soros really wants to make a difference...

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