From the March 2005 Idaho Observer:

Tombstone site of April 1 "tea party"Citizen watch to guard southern border

by Frosty Wooldridge

America’s 21st century Boston Tea Party nears the start date.  The Minute Man Project in Tombstone, Arizona features American volunteers expected to exceed 1,000 men and women from 49 states of the Union.  Volunteers range from 21 to 75.  Its sponsors, former U.S. Marine combat veteran, Jim Gilchrist and Publisher Chris Simcox of the Tombstone Tumbleweed, think the number could be as high as 2,000 volunteers by the start date of April 1, 2005. For anyone who wants to volunteer, go to

Deemed the greatest ‘Neighborhood Watch’ group in America’s history, these American patriots stand to assist U.S. Border Patrol agents—just like neighbors in any community who call the police when someone suspicious enters their neighborhood.  For thirty days, armed with binoculars and night scopes, American patriots will report illegal aliens to federal agents.  The goal is to stop illegal aliens for 30 days to show it can be done.

Assisting them, Richard Humphries commands a 30 plane air force that will fly the border with orders to point out illegals for the ground volunteers.   

Humphries said, "The most significant news is that we have changed our M.O. and now, instead of trying to remain as hidden and unnoticed as possible, we will be as obvious as possible, playing music, lighting campfires and wearing bright clothing."

"This tactic will let the aspiring illegals see, while still south of the border, that there is a line of American citizens just waiting to alert Border Patrol," Humphries said. "That is far safer than calling them in after they have crossed and, after all, what we are trying to do is show that, with enough manpower, the flow can be stopped."

"This should make the Border Patrol much happier about the whole thing and it certainly will make it harder for the media to continue to portray us as ‘gun toting vigilantes taking the law into their own hands,’" Humphries said.

"We will simply be a LARGE number of "families" camping along the border, 24/7, having fun and getting to know each other, who will, of course, notify Border Patrol if we happen to see any illegals."

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