From the February 2005 Idaho Observer:

The State of the Union

State of the Union

According to President Bush in his State of the Union address of Feb. 2, 2005, "The state of our union is confident and strong."

The president made many other positive comments, such as, we have a "...healthy and growing economy," that we are "blessed" with "advances in medicine" and are building "a better world for our children and grandchildren."

The income tax system and immigration policy must be repaired and by 2018 Social Security will be paying out more than it’s taking in, the president reported.

Government should never undermine the values of a free society and judges must not legislate from the bench, President Bush observed.

The president discussed at length our commitment in the Middle East and how " Iran remains the world’s primary state sponsor of terror," and we are now pressuring Syria to open its doors to freedom.

Iran is a vital front in the war on terror which is why the terrorists have chosen to take a stand there, the commander-in-chief explained. He said the Iraqis are grateful for our presence and do not want us to abandon them at this time.

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