From the February 2005 Idaho Observer:

The real State of the Union

Of politicians and attorneys, saying whatever serves the moment, true or not, is inseparable from their crafts. The skill with which politicians and attorneys apply the untruthful arts determines the longevity of their careers and the depths of their material success. The present state of the union requires Americansí to follow the most artful liars into war and obediently accept verdicts in courts of lie that honor the most cunning of two liars with a declaration of our guilt (whether deserved or not).

How do good people allow their nation to be steered by professional liars? Why are publicly-stated and recorded lies that damage people and their property not held against them as criminal acts?

How did professional liars maneuver into a position that gives them the authority to sit in judgment of the citizenry? Why do good people look the other way while courts of lie destroy their friends, family, neighbors and our way of life?

The easy way out of our responsibility is to blame what has happened on someone else: People are stupid, politicians have always been corrupt and attorneys have always twisted and turned the laws to benefit themselves.

But, what would happen if it was suddenly not societally acceptable for politicians and attorneys to lie? What if with each lie came an indictment, a trial and a sentence? What if lying to start wars was punished as treason? What if lying to falsely convict an innocent man was not tolerated by society?

A few years ago you never heard profane language on network television; now its acceptable as a common form of TV star expression. In the span of a few decades, many forms of behavior that were strictly forbidden in society are openly exhibited today.

The point of the previous paragraph is to illustrate that, just because we accept that politicians and attorneys are liars today does not mean we must tolerate such job skills tomorrow.

The real State of the Union is less a reflection of the politicians and lawyers than it is a reflection of those who tolerate their activities (the same goes for profanity and other currently "acceptable" behavior).

The Real State of the Union

by Greg Ciola

Below we have described the real state of the Union. If this is not the state within which you prefer to live; if this is not the state you prefer to leave to your children, then go on to pages 12-13.

State of our Economy

1.) Our dollar has fallen roughly 30 percent in value over the last two years against major world currencies. All indications are that it will plunge even further as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros, and other billionaires make public statements to this effect. Many countries such as China have also made public statements that they are losing faith in the American dollar and plan to transition over to the Euro.

2.) Gas and oil prices are at record levels with no end in sight as to when or if they will ever drop or stabilize again.

3.) Inflation is increasing much faster than our paychecks are growing.

4.) Our borders are wide open as millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico and other third-world countries flood into America to take jobs away from our citizens while bleeding the benefit system dry.

5.) Our factories are being shut down in record numbers and moved to China, stripping our entire manufacturing base.

6.) Our high tech jobs are being outsourced to India, siphoning record numbers of white collar jobs from our economy.

7.) Mortgage and interest rates continue to climb and will do so as Greenspan and the Fed hold false hope out to foreign governments to fund our debt before the inevitable collapse occurs.

8.) More fortune 500 companies have gone bankrupt in the last five years than in the entire history of America (i.e. Enron, MCI, major airlines, etc.).

9.) Both personal and business bankruptcies continue to climb and break records every year.

10.) Personal debt is at an all-time high.

11.) Business debt is at an all-time high.

12.) Government debt is at an all-time high.

13.) The federal deficit continues to grow out of control with no end in sight.

14.) The trade deficit continues to expand every month as America imports more and exports less.

15.) Americans save less money today than at any time in this nationís history.

16.) The Social Security Trust Fund is broke. Saving it is a pipedream that will never happen.

17.) Our gold reserves are gone.

18.) Our dollar is backed by faith, not substance.

19.) Taxes are at an all time high with approximately 60 percent of our income now going to taxes.

State of our Military

1.) Troops are not given ample equipment to protect themselves in combat in Iraq.

2.) Spare parts are in short supply.

3.) Our most sophisticated nuclear weaponsí designs are on the black market thanks in part to the loopholes Bill Clinton put in place that allowed them to be stolen from Los Alamos by the Chinese government.

4.) Women are allowed into active combat roles lowering the standards and weakening morale.

5.) Homosexuals are allowed in the military under a "donít ask donít tell" policy.

6.) Our National Guard is maxed out.

7.) More and more troops are being sent overseas leaving our homeland vulnerable.

8.) Wars and rumors of wars continue to make headline news as America gears up to confront Iran, Syria, North Korea, and other nations deemed hostile without the manpower, resources, or strategy to win.

9.) Combat readiness is at an all time low.

10.) A national draft is likely to be reinstated to make up the shortfall in troops despite all the double talk from our leaders.

State of our Legal System

1.) Frivolous lawsuits plague our court system. No one (except government officials) is immune from being sued today.

2.) A vast majority of lawyers are in practice to fleece the system for their own gain and totally ignore the truth to achieve these ends. Justice in America is dead. Itís all about who has the most money to win.

3.) Federal judges are upholding the greed- driven interests of the multi-national corporations and the corrupt politicians that appointed them; true Constitutional law is ignored.

4.) The Supreme Court makes a mockery of our entire Constitution by blatantly sanctioning laws and ideals contradictory to morals and principles upon which our nation was founded.

5.) Hardened criminals are given light sentences and often set free early while petty crimes committed by middle class whites and tax protesters that demand to know the legality of the system are punished harshly.

6.) Parents in all 50 States have had their children taken away by child protective services for spanking or disciplining them even though it is clearly outlined as a necessity to raising your children right according to Godís laws.

7.) Many families have also had their children taken away by the State by claiming child abuse because the parent(s) refused to allow them to become medical experiments with vaccines and psychotropic drugs like Prozac and Ritalin.

State of our Law Enforcement

1.) Police are more concerned about speeders and seat belt violators than they are about real criminals who should be off our streets. In many cases police refuse to go into the worst sections of cities to arrest real criminals because people like Jessie Jackson will come to criminalsí defense and claim itís racial profiling.

2.) Law enforcement has used the "War on Terror" to treat us all like suspected criminals where our rights are violated indiscriminately.

3.) In the name of "freedom" America has been turned into a police state.

4.) Steroid use with law enforcement is a serious problem that is overlooked. Many of todayís cops are filled with pent up anger and "roid" rage and are just waiting for the right moment to pounce on someone.

5.) Police used to be called peace officers. Today, virtually everyone is in fear of the police, even when thereís nothing to fear.

State of our Health

1.) Over 3 million people a year are dying from cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and other debilitating diseases.

2.) Natural cures for disease are being deliberately suppressed.

3.) The FDAís own employees have blown the whistle on the collusion between big pharma and the government.

4.) Dietary supplements and nutritional products are being targeted for tighter regulation and removal from the market.

5.) Nearly 2/3rds of Americans are obese and out of shape.

6.) Vaccines and pharmaceutical drugs are being prescribed in record numbers while our health goes down the toilet.

7.) Autism rates continue to skyrocket as 1 and 150 children today are afflicted.

8.) Hundreds of thousands of our soldiers are either sick or dead from the first Gulf War and thousands more are now coming back from Iraq with a litany of mysterious ailments.

9.) Couples now resort to fertility clinics in record numbers because reproductive problems are at an all-time high.

10.) Steroid use is rampant in all sports. Both males and females and more and more of our youth are resorting to their use in pursuit of a dream.

11.) Nursing homes care little for the elderly and instead have been turned into drug pushing concentration camps.

State of our Food

1.) More pesticides and herbicides are being sprayed on our foods than ever before.

2.) More genetically modified crops are being grown than ever before.

3.) Record numbers of farmers have been bankrupted in the last five years leaving most agriculture production in the hands of a few multi-national corporations hostile to U.S. interests.

4.) The U.S. is importing more and more suspect food from third world nations in an attempt to undermine the economic viability of North American farmers.

5.) Irradiation, which alters the chemical make-up of food, is occurring with ever more frequency, yet consumers donít know because there are no labeling requirements for irradiated food.

6.) More chemical toxins are being put into our foods than ever before as most conventional foods and beverages in a box, can or package contain at least one or more of the following toxic ingredients: Artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, synthetic vitamins, inorganic minerals, bleached flours, solvents, hydrogenated fats, preservatives, fluoride, excitotoxins, GMOs, high sugar, high sodium, etc.

7.) Slaughterhouses are putting more contaminated meat into the food chain than ever before.

State of our Morality

1.) Divorce is more common than it has ever been in this nationís history.

2.) Homosexuality is being forced upon America as an alternative lifestyle.

3.) More gay parades and homosexual events occur in America than in all the other nations of the world combined.

4.) Abortion is still at record numbers with roughly 1.4 million committed a year.

5.) Sexual immorality has never been greater.

6.) Families are no longer cohesive units but an amalgam of out-of-wedlock children and broken homes.

7.) Illegal drug use continues to decimate the lives of millions with no end in sight to the governmentís phony "War on Drugs."

8.) Prostitution has gone from obscurity to national acceptance.

9.) Pornography sucks millions into its poisonous web every year.

10.) Sexually transmitted diseases continue to escalate every year.

11.) Children have little respect for authority anymore.

12.) Gambling ruins the lives of millions every year, yet is considered cool and fun. Entire cities in America are built on robbing people of their hard-earned money.

13.) Tattoos and body piercings desecrate the bodies of millions making them like freaks and scarrimg their body-temple for life.

14.) Satanism, witchcraft, and the New Age movement is on the rise; people are resorting to astrology, tarot cards, psychic hotlines, Ouija boards, necromancy and a host of other demonic practices instead of nurturing their relationship with God.

15.) Television, radio, magazines, movies, and the Internet have been perverted and corrupted with violence, sex, murder, and absolute trash.

16.) The quality of new music being released continues to degrade and has become abominable.

17.) Every vestige of God, Jesus Christ, and morality are being removed from society (no prayer in school, commandments removed from courtrooms and nativity scenes banned).

18.) The public school system is in complete breakdown (no respect for teachers; standards for discipline either removed or drastically lowered; education standards lowered; guns and drugs are rampant; evolution and Communist ideals are taught; sex education teaches depravity not morality and; history is perverted and distorted).

After examining the real State of our nationís Union, I would conclude that it is not strong. We are a nation on the brink of economic, social, political and spiritual collapse. We are a nation reminiscent of all the great empires of old just prior to their fall (i.e. Babylon, Greece, Rome, etc.).

As a student of the Bible, these times and events donít alarm me as they were foretold long ago (Malachi 4:1, Micah 4:1 and Daniel 2:44-45) that they will come to pass. As a believer in Yahshua the Messiah, I feel comfortable knowing that a new kingdom will be established on the ashes of this counterfeit kingdom of darkness and evil.

My parting comments are, "May thy kingdom come, and thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven."

Greg Ciola is the editor and publisher of the Health Crusador magazine in Orlando, Florida. His company, Crusador Enterprises stocks a full spectrum of quality health products and books at affordable prices (see ad page 15).

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