From the February 2005 Idaho Observer:

OKC Bombing: A Day of Truth Ten Years Later

OKLAHOMA CITY— WING TV, in conjunction with former Oklahoma State Representative Charles Key, co-author of The OK City Bombing Investigation Final Report and writer/documentary film producer Christopher Emery are working to organize a rally on Tuesday, April 19, 2005 in Oklahoma City. This rally will commemorate the fateful bombing which took place nearly a decade ago and expose the cover-up of the corrupt bombing investigation, which persists to this day.

"OKC Bombing: A Day of Truth, Ten Years Later" will honor the bombing victims’ family members, friends and survivors and send a signal that the American people still want truthful answers to what took place that day. Speakers are being scheduled; relevant evidence and witness statements will be distributed. This rally will also highlight glaring inconsistencies and omissions of the government’s official version of events.

Rally details are being worked out at this time. So far there has been tremendous interest but sponsors are being sought to help finance what could be an historic event coinciding with other commemorative events taking place in OK City that week. If you desire to help in some way or pledge your intent to be in OK City that week, send email to An update and, hopefully a schedule of events, will appear in the March edition of The IO.

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