From the February 2005 Idaho Observer:

Virtual Non-Reality

"We’re living in a land of make-believe and trying not to let it show," is a line from a Moody Blues song. It’s more true than most of us know, and few will dare admit it. We take for granted many of the fundamental components of our existence and we believe in them—which makes them so. So much so, that our beliefs take on a tone of religious fervor; they are sacrosanct and beyond question, truly creating a land of make-believe; a virtual nonreality. Objective observation, however, can show that much of our reality is indeed a fantasy. Let’s gore a few sacred cows and peel away the virtual curtains in our minds.

by Hari Heath

A human being enters this world in a rather incompetent condition. A newborn can’t even crawl to its mother’s breast for essential nourishment. It takes a year or more to learn to walk and even longer to obtain bladder and bowel control.

Surviving the first few years of human life would not be possible without parenting. Forming a youngster into a human being ready to face the challenges of life is a substantial process. And, if you have ever raised, or been a teenager, you would have to agree with the scientists who discovered that the human brain isn’t fully developed and functional until a person is in their 20s.

How does this relate to our current state of virtual non-reality? We all entered this world in a cognitive state which had the consistency of play dough. We were first impressed upon by our parents and then, for most Americans, the "free" government education system began exacting its influence. From there, the media and other information streams continue to lay the programs that create our virtual non-reality.

Mind wars

War is conquest and ultimately, if war is to be successful, it must conquer the minds of the conquered. There is a war on for our minds, and to a great extent, the enemy has won.

Such a war for our minds is not a new thing. Sun Tzu wrote of it several thousand years ago in his philosophical and practical dissertation, The Art of War.

In more recent times, World War II resulted in a process that has more profoundly altered our world than most people know—even those who are part of it.

Hitler and his regime successfully used propaganda to rally the German people and lead them in an effort to expand the German empire. The success of this propaganda machine did not go unnoticed by the allied powers who emulated the model. This began our modem era of propaganda wars.

Journalism is a weapon

After World War II, some of the scientists imported under "Operation Paperclip" were propagandists who were brought to many of our educational and research centers. Additionally, in the decade following World War II, millions of dollars of research contracts were granted by military intelligence agencies, the CIA and its precursors and the Rockefeller Foundation. This decade of well-funded research honed this new genera of science to a fine art, with plotable, predictable outcomes for influencing the mass mind. Propaganda being too blatant of a word to describe this new science, its name was euphemized to "the science of communications." It’s now the basis of modem journalism.

Very few graduates of journalism school know their field of study originated from Nazis, covert intelligence agencies and Rockefeller-funded research. Most journalists unwittingly participate in what is ultimately a mind-control program. As Noam Chomsky, a professor at MIT and author of "Manufacturing Consent" stated, "Hundreds of billions of dollars are spent every year to control the public mind."

The methods and sources of mind control are many but they have a simple purpose: To lay a plausible program and with it gain our consent to whatever conduct the controllers propose. Hitler’s propagandist Joseph Goebbles stated the method clearly: "A lie told often enough becomes the truth." With modem media, lies can be told instantly and often.

The other side of the program is to discredit and demonize contrary information and messengers, leaving only one plausible belief package for general consumption. Key words trigger this programming and keep our minds "in the box." For example, "theory" or "conspiracy theory" are used to attack credibility. Labels such as anti-government, fundamentalist, insurgent, terrorist, radical and extremist are used to demonize and discredit our mental controllers’ opponents.

A public/private information partnership is also part of the package. Official sources spew information to hordes of reporters who clamor to be the first to break the story, regardless of its veracity. Official sources are only subject to limited questioning, and any reporter who exceeds those limits will no longer be invited to join the hordes at future information disbursement sessions. The "free press" is thus regulated and official information stays in a well-protected package.

Virtual enemies

The events of 9/11 give us a good example of this concept. Soon after the tragedy, official sources began the misinformation dissemination. The FBI marched forward with its "magic Arab" theory of 19 hijackers with one-inch knives. Condolezza Rice proclaimed we have the evidence and will release it in due time. And Bush began to hammer the war drum with terrorism, terrorism, terrorism. An official story was developed which now defies logic, facts, evidence and common sense. But a complicit media picked up the banner and waved it before the eyes of the American public until official fictions became a virtual reality.

As a result, many Americans actually believe we were attacked by Arab terrorists; that we were justified to attack Afghanistan and hunt down the evil-doer Osama, and to protect us from such evil in the future we must surrender our most fundamental liberties and consent to an intrusive police state.

With that official lie well laid, the next ruse was the WMD debacle in Iraq. The media incantation of weapons of mass destruction paved the way in the public mind for the pre-emptive strike against the Iraqi people. An estimated 100,000 of which are now dead, mostly from airstrikes launched by those troops so many Americans claim to support. The WMD allegations—our only reason to attack Iraq—have evaporated into the virtual ethers from which they came, leaving only untold collateral damage and a clean-up job for Halliburton. Still, many believe it was all justified and they’re keeping their yellow ribbons on their cars for all to see.

Real money?

Perhaps the greatest and most sacrosanct delusion Americans suffer from is their concept of money. It truly is a virtual realm. Divorced from the government 90 years ago and separated from its redeeming substance over 70 years ago, the dollar is now a virtual non-reality. Yet, so many devote and entrust their lives to this fictional instrument of measure.

Many question the policies which govern our virtual modern dollar, but few dare question what is a dollar and how does it come into existence. We spend dollars, we put our savings in dollars, we measure our net worth in dollars, but is there an actual dollar with actual value? Most dare not ask such a question for fear of the answer.

The dollar bill has an actual value of 8 cents, regardless of whether it says 1, 5, 20 or 100 on its face. Unlike the original dollar that was approximately three-quarters of an ounce of silver, the dollar we use, according to Federal Reserve documents, is "loaned" into existence. Through 90 years of operating the greatest fraud on Earth, bank ledger entries count a debt as an asset and therefore they are "money" on deposit. Untold trillions of "dollars" have been created and injected into our virtual economy, creating unlimited wealth for bankers and a hidden tax that we all pay—it’s called inflation.

During the 90 year course of this scheme, 97 percent of our nation’s wealth has been absorbed by bankers with this hidden "tax" and only three percent of the purchasing power of the dollar remains. Yet the masses believe, with a religious fervor, in their precious, mythical "dollar." Without questioning, they save, spend and measure their worth in the dollar, as if it were a standard of constant measure. In reality, our "dollar" has as much value as a raindrop, falling in a river, headed out to sea.

But the virtual reality of the dollar is enforced by the many programs which extol the virtues of sound money and financial security, without asking the primary question: "What is a dollar and how did it come into existence?"

The barrage of information available is provided by leagues of experts who also failed to ask the primary question because their minds were filled with the barrage of information from the experts who trained them to be experts. And thus the virtual non-reality of the dollar remains virtually protected on all points.

Virtual justice?

With ample info-tainment programs painting a rosy picture of lawyers, justice and criminal due process, the virtual non-reality of American justice is given a passing grade in the public’s mind. In the real world, however, judges, prosecutors and the police are often co-conspirators in crimes against humanity.

False allegations, perjured testimony, manufactured evidence, pretended offenses, denial of rights and due process are all part of a government-controlled arena we mistakenly call a "justice" system. But the virtual illusion remains for those that have not yet encountered the system’s wrath.

The religion of government

Americans have a great belief in the superiority of their form of government and that theirs is the greatest country on Earth. Politicians proclaim it, the media echoes it and the schools teach it. From the visionary perspective of our nation’s founders and the principles they founded it upon, it could appear to be true. The myth of living in a great constitutionally-formed republic has grown to the proportion of a religious institution. For those swept away by the ministers of this faith, we have God, country, mom and apple pie. Questioning its authority can be tantamount to heresy.

But for those who can (and do) read; who still have the powers of observation and discernment available to them, the government we have is a criminal enterprise. All of the principles of our founders have been abandoned—our Constitution and rights effectively gone.

People are jailed for failure to pay a tax which no law says they owe. Failure to pay property taxes on "your" property will cause it to be forfeited to the government. Is it yours?

Actual prisons

This virtual reality actually locks real people up in real prisons. Over six million people are locked up, the majority of them for pretended offenses. Our incarceration rate exceeds even the former Soviet socialist state. We now take prisoners, designate them enemy combatants, detain them for years without charges or trials and give them no hope for even the rights secured by the Magna Charta in 1215. Never mind the Geneva Convention.

Actual wars

These virtual games being played with our minds cause real people to suffer and die. Clandestine agencies in the government have fomented bloody coups to install repressive regimes leading to the deaths of millions around the globe—more than Hitler’s atrocities. A super police-state is already well-developed and poised to implement similar atrocities at home. The police are better described as an armed gang roaming the streets and looking for trouble rather than keepers of the peace. Today’s police are more likely to "protect" you from your own taillights than from an actual criminal. And if you exercise your right of self-defense against a criminal you may suffer greater danger from a prosecutor than the criminal you defended yourself against.

Is this an America worth waving a flag about?

The test

There’s a simple test to see if you are living in that great country, America. America was formed to be a limited government to establish a more perfect union for our equal protection and benefit. Its positions are filled by public servants. In the land of the free and the home of the brave, we are the masters of our servants.

The test requires asking one question: Does the master ask the servant for permission to conduct the masters affairs? If the master does ask the servant for permission, he is not free, nor brave, nor the master.

Sadly, it is also not America any longer, but holographic, virtual non-reality. A virtual non-reality where the terrorists are the government and we are their subjects.

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