From the February 2005 Idaho Observer:

Invitation to an arrest

Anthony Hargis is an extremely honest, intense man whose published research on tax, money and Social Security issues has made him a menace to the government. Last March he was arrested for activities related to providing customers with money management services. He spent 5 1/2 months in jail because he refused to compromise his customers’ privacy.

At this time the government is threatening to prosecute him criminally. Hargis thinks the government is bluffing. He thinks that he is on the verge of proving a powerful point with regard to money, taxes and our right to privacy.

Hargis has had plenty of time to think and he is putting into motion a proactive plan, the details of which will become apparent as his case develops.

Hargis is volunteering his body in this effort. What he wants from us are people willing to witness what happens and for people to read the documents he has published. He wants us to understand the issues his research is forcing to the surface. See bottom of page.


INVITATION to attend the ARREST of Anthony Hargis

On Friday, February 18th of the year 2005, Anthony Hargis will appear at a local IRS office to be arrested.

Recently, the IRS sent Anthony to jail for five and a half months (for refusing to turn-over his customer list), confiscated property worth four to five millions (which belonged to Anthony’s customers), and fabricated a ridiculous tax liability against him, based on his customers’ property, and then announced plans to take customers’ property and apply it against Anthony’s fairy-tale tax liability. All this was done with no evidence of wrongdoing; without any opportunity for Anthony to examine his "accuser"; and with no trial.

Anthony was, effectively, locked out of the courthouse, and convicted of a crime that never happened. In the meantime, the IRS has made numerous noises about prosecuting Anthony criminally.

Since the government has deprived Anthony of resources needed to defend any case (present or future); has locked courthouse doors against him; and has terrorized Anthony’s customers so they fear for their lives if they should walk on the same side of the street as he, Anthony has decided to abandon all efforts to defend any case or pursue any appeal.

And, he has decided to ‘disappear’ for a few years while he tries to reorganize his life.

But, first, he will appear before the local IRS office on nine consecutive

Fridays, from noon to one thirty of the clock, to give the IRS a chance to

arrest him to guarantee that he will be available for a Soviet-type show

trial; the better to terrorize those peasants who earn their pay, turns it over to the American banditti, and have no questions.

Contact information:

Anthony Hargis,

Friday, February 18th (and the following eight Fridays, or until arrested) between noon and one thirty of the clock at 801 Civic Center Drive, Santa Ana, California; and every Sunday from two to four in the afternoon at the

Souplantation in Costa Mesa, at Harbor and Adams (until arrested, of course).

Shereen Hawkins, Revenue Agent, 801 Civic Center Dr., Suite 200, Santa Ana, Cal.92701-4050; 714-347-9502, ext. 1835.

Diann Kisselburg, Group Manager, same address as Hawkins.

Michael Pahl, trial attorney for government, 202-514-6488 (voice) 202-514-6770 (fax).


Works by Anthony Hargis

In Plantation America, I demonstrate that, to apply for an SS card is to surrender all rights. My lawyer researched my material for two years before he was ready to help me with a lawsuit against the Social Security Administration; our purpose was to settle a question of law, "Do we surrender any rights when we apply for an SS card?" – a question someone should have asked 70 years ago. We had the court in a position where it had to commit a gross fraud or expose an unprecedented treason: it is the purpose of government to secure our rights – not annihilate them. Before we could make any progress on this case, however, the government took all our resources, as explained above. $24*

In The Lost Right, I explain that Americans have a constitutionally-protected right to withhold their taxes until the government redresses their grievances; it is a component of the much larger right of petition. American Founders clearly declared this right, and then used it to abolish, create and reform American governments; indeed, this right was the engine that powered the American Revolution. English and American histories have shown that this right is the only mechanism that can make rights secure, and governments accountable. Our misfortune is that knowledge of this right has been lost for more than two hundred years – this is why we have no rights, and a government of thieves. Of the very few Americans who use this right, they might use one twentieth of its power; The Lost Right explains the remaining ninety-five percent of its power, as I currently understand it. $24*

In American Inquisition, I show how American taxes are modeled on Catholic-inquisitorial procedures; and, in the process, I list several reasons why the income tax, and most, or all, internal taxes are unconstitutional. One quick example, in the 1909 debates concerning the proposed sixteenth amendment, a Senator from Texas proposed to amend it to permit the income tax to be "graded," that is, graduated. This proposed amendment to the amendment was defeated; here is clear, irrefutable, language that framers of the sixteenth did not intend to authorize a graduated income tax. The current income tax, therefore, is unconstitutional. Now, an example relative to internal taxes: the federal government derives its taxing power from Article one, section eight; however, this same section requires that the taxing power be used in such a way as to "provide for the general welfare and common defense." When the government imposes taxes on domestic workers or companies and does not impose equal or greater taxes on foreign workers or companies, such taxes reduce the general welfare and common defense – and are unconstitutional. After showing these taxes to be unlawful, I then proposed a common-sense and novel alternative, that all taxes should be imposed only on those who make them necessary; namely, on domestic and foreign bandits and cutthroats. The government, without reading this book, declared my opinions false, and used this declaration as the basis to jail me, take my customers’ property, and impose a ridiculous tax against me – all without a trace of due process. But the government’s actions proved the main theme of my book, regarding inquisitorial procedures. At least I got something out of it. $24*

If information in my writings became sufficiently known, too many bureaucrats would have to hang, or give back their plunder. Is this what triggered the government’s feeding-frenzy of violations against us. I ask that you be the judge, at no risk. I have six titles ($114.00, includes shipping); or consider the three mentioned above. And, don’t hesitate to let your lawyer examine them. All are offered with a 45-day, money-back guarantee. Or simply send eight U. S. first-class stamps for more detailed information.

*All prices include shipping*

Pay with money order, with the payee blank; and send to

Anthony Hargis; 2427 N. Tustin Ste B; Santa Ana, Cal. 92705

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