From the February 2005 Idaho Observer:

Anti-American academics plague academia

by Lance Trotter

Today it is fashionable to consider the Soviet threats of the past—nuclear attack and subversion of America’s people and institutions—as having been either exaggerated by the West or downright imagined in the first place. Ironically, the upheaval in the communist world is bringing with it startling revelations confirming many of the most serious accusations ever made against Moscow. For instance, two major books recently published detailing for the first time Soviet complicity in America’s drug epidemic. It turns out that all those "paranoid, right-wing" fears that the Soviets were intent on demoralizing America’s youth through sex, drugs and rock & roll were well-founded. For years, America’s liberal intelligentsia considered, or pretended to consider, such notions as paranoid delusions. For more than 70 years now we have been aware of an actual Russian text book entitled, "Psychopolitics." It was used as a primer, here in America, to teach communist agents how to subvert entire populations—university campuses being prime targets of opportunity.

An objective look at the state of America today—her institutions, her socialistic political-economic drift with programs like affirmative action and guaranteed minority loans and her young people’s values show precisely the results that the Soviets, for decades, bragged they wanted to achieve. It is almost as though, while communism is dying (as a political system) throughout most of the world, the seeds of corruption it planted here in the U.S. germinated and have borne bitter fruit.

The anti -American sentiment in academia is now so rampant that students are actually having to take their professors to court over the curriculum. At the University of North Carolina, three incoming freshmen sued over a reading assignment they say offends their Christian beliefs. In Colorado and Indiana, a national conservative group publicizes student allegations of left-wing bias by professors. Faculty get hate mail and are pictured in mock wanted posters; at least one college says a teacher received a death threat. At the University of South Florida, a professor was suspended after being charged with running the Americans operations of a Palestinian terrorist group. A professor of history at the University of New Mexico tells his class, "Anyone who can blow up the Pentagon gets my vote."

This sort of virulent hatred of America isn’t just at the university level. A grade-school teacher in Michigan who unabashedly stated, "She has found a viable alternative to Frost, Longfellow and Poe," instructed her students to read any of the collection of the Detroit Slam Team, the Black Bottom. Collective, or the poetry of Tu-pac Shakur—the Gangsta-Rapper!

When these and, other Anti-American statements receive media, attention, the shameless frauds in academia claim that a new wave of "McCarthyism" is threatening academic freedom. The supreme irony is that the very academics who are crying "McCarthyism" and other forms of creative expression are the biggest suppressors of opinions that disagree with their own. They ask ideological questions at job interviews, and those scholars and students whose answers are not politically correct are unlikely to be hired. Many teachers insist personal politics do not affect their teaching. But in a recent survey of students at 50 top schools by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, a group that has argued there is too little intellectual diversity on campuses, 49 percent reported at least some professors frequently commented on politics in class even if it was outside the subject matter.

Thirty-one percent said they felt there were some courses in which they needed to agree with a professor’s political or social views to get a good grade. A group trying to resist these left-wing anti-American professors is Students for Academic Freedom, with chapters on 135 campuses, posts students complaints on its website. Complaints of grading bias and unbalanced, anti-American propaganda by professors in classes such as literature, math and science, in which these statements are off-topic, are common.

Conservative students are not only discouraged from expressing their views in class, but are even blackballed from graduate school and job slots.

Kris Wampler, who recently identified himself as one of the students who sued the University of North Carolina over their objection of having to read a book about the Quran before they got to campus, also stated, "I feel like (faculty) are so disconnected from students that they do these things and they can get away with anything."

The anti-American statements which received such media attention should not have been a surprise. A substantial part of the academic world is not only opposed to the values of traditional Americans society and Western civilization, but is also unabashed in its using classrooms to propagandize their ideologies and politically indoctrinate their impressionable students. In the Russian textbook of Psychopolitics we read: "Psychopolitics is an important if less known division geopolitics. It is less known because it must necessarily deal with highly educated personnel, the very top strata... By psychopolitics our chief goals are effectively carried forward. To produce a maximum of chaos in the culture of the enemy is our first most important step. Our fruits are grown in chaos, distrust, economic depression, and scientific turmoil.

At last a weary populace can seek peace only in our offered Communist State, at last only communism can resolve the problems of the masses."

Is it possible that the disastrous discrediting of America’s traditional values that has taken place in the last 40 years has not been some sort of accident, but that it has been the deliberate development of an agenda?

All the catastrophic social changes that have and continue to take place in America; the radical-liberalism, the declining influence of the Church, secular humanism, interracial marriage, premarital sex, serial fatherhood, bilingualism and multi-culturalism, tolerance, diversity, abortion, affirmative action, drugs and homosexuality as a Constitutional Right, gun control, immigration, white-male bashing, the welfare state, a media-driven culture, NAFTA, FTAA, GATT, WTO, out-sourcing and down-sizing were fomented on American college and university campuses by these same Anti-American professors?

Isn’t the intellectual chaos and the very conditions described in that small excerpt of the text Psychopolitics just what is happening in America today? With this sort of intellectual poison for so long infecting the minds of our people (and perhaps it reaching its fullest expression with Bill and Hillary Clinton in the White House), is it any wonder that so many of our politicians are nothing less than traitors to the American people? What a tragedy that the same people unwittingly elect these politicians into office believing they would represent their interests in government, don’t even realize they were long since educated/indoctrinated with an anti-American and pro-collectivist/Socialist agenda.

America was founded on moral principles that once made her shine brightly as the world’s leading example of freedom and defenders of the dignity of the common man, protecting of the free-flow of ideas. It is my ardent hope that she will one day reclaim her moral compass and shine brightly once again.

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