From the January 2005 Idaho Observer:

Was the tsunami a byproduct of Australian oil exploration?

by The Idaho Observer

Two days after the tsunami hit, an interesting commentary from Andrew Limburg of Independent Media TV was circulated in email. Limburg, who doesn’t "claim to be an expert on seismic activity," described a chain of events preceding the tsunami that could have something to do with the 9.0 earthquake that caused it.

"On November 28th, one month ago, Reuters reported that during a 3-day span 168 whales and dolphins beached themselves in Tasmania, an island off the southern coast of mainland Australia and New Zealand. The cause for these beachings is not known, but Bob Brown, a senator in the Australian parliament, said "sound bombing" or seismic tests of ocean floors to test for oil and gas had been carried out near the sites of the Tasmanian beachings recently," Limburg wrote.

Limburg also noted that the Australian government has been offering tax breaks to encourage oil exploration under its territorial waters.

This type of testing has been used to locate minerals beneath the sea since 1968. "The impulses created by the release of air from arrays of up to 24 airguns create low frequency sound waves powerful enough to penetrate up to 40km below the seafloor. The source level of these sound waves is generally over 200dB [decibels] (and often 230dB or more), roughly comparable to a sound of at least 140-170dB in air," Limburg explained.

According to the Australian Conservation Foundation, these low-frequency, 200dB – 230dB sounds carry on without stopping for up to two weeks at a time. Limburg said, "These types of tests are known to affect whales and dolphins, whose acute hearing and use of sonar is very sensitive."

Most people are not aware that on December 24, 2004, there was a magnitude 8.1 earthquake with a 6.1 aftershock about 100 miles south of New Zealand.

Looking at a tectonic map, we can plainly see that the 9.0 earthquake of Dec. 26 occurred at the intersection of the Australian tectonic plate and the Indian tectonic plate.

On December 27, 2004, 20 whales beached themselves 110 miles west of Hobart on the southern island state of Tasmania.

Limburg described these circumstances to two geologists, both of them doubted that "sound bombing" could have triggered the 8.1 quake and, therefore, was a causal factor in the 9.0 quake that resulted in the Dec. 26 tsunami which killed at least 175,000 people and caused untold $billions in damages.


Independent Islamic spirits hardest hit

by The Idaho Observer

Aceh Province at the northern tip of the island of Sumatra is predominantly (85 percent) Muslim and has been since the 13th century. The fiercely independent and devoutly faithful Achinese people of this densely-populated region fought off the Dutch in 1599, the British in 1602 and battled the Portuguese from 1607-36. Though Dutch colonial rulers occupied the area until the 1870s, Aceh was never considered "pacified."

The Republic of Indonesia was born after independence from Dutch rule was realized in 1949. The Achinese people refused to cooperate with the new republic and, after open rebellion began in 1953, the Aceh province was created in 1956. To this day, Aceh, which has oil and natural gas, is perpetually fighting for independence from an Indonesian government the Achinese claim is stealing Aceh oil.

The official estimate places the tsunami death toll in Aceh at over 79,940. Total pre-tsunami population was about 4 million.

The international community insists upon sending troops to deliver humanitarian aid. The Achinese want them all to leave. The White House expects U.S. soldiers will be in Aceh until sometime in March, 2005.


Sounds like "Operation Hardtack"

Among the many theories advanced to explain the tsunami are those involving the undersea detonation of nuclear bombs. The U.S. used the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands between Hawaii and Australia for "Operation Hardtack"—undersea nuclear weapons testing—in 1946. The following account of Operation Hardtack parallels some recent tsunami observations.

"When the shot went off, at first, there was only a large mound of water similar to a "ground-swell" that appeared. I thought, ‘there wasn’t much to that’! But after a moment, it burst through the surface, and water and debris went up as high as I could see....Then, the concussion came, feeling like a very hard slap especially to the face. Then the sound came so intense that one would really need ear protection, which we didn’t have, except to plug the ears with our hands....Next, we could see the tidal-wave approaching and we could see it on the other side of the blast site as it rolled over the island in the distance. "


Did New York orchestrate the tsunami?

"Others are engaging even in an eco type of terrorism, whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes or volcanos remotely, through the use of electromagnetic waves." ~U.S. Defense Secretary William Cohen, April, 1997

by The Idaho Observer

NWO researcher Joe Vialls of Australia immediately suspected dirty human hands were involved in the tsunami when he discovered how quickly the U.S. military was able to deploy two battle groups to the region on a moment’s notice—the day-after Christmas. "Out of Hong Kong rushed team one, comprised of the nuclear-powered USS Abraham Lincoln and her escort vessels, while the far more interesting team two rushed out of Guam, led by the USS Bonhomme Richard, a marine amphibious assault carrier crammed to the gunwales with gun-toting wooden tops," Vialls observed in his 4,200-word analysis.

In his 4,200-word analysis, complete with pictures, Vialls wonders why a Navy attack force would be sent to the tsunami-devastated region instead of Navy hospital ships and medical personnel.

He also supported allegations that the U.S. dumped a nuke into the 20,000-foot-deep Sumatran trench to cause the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami. Then it returned to the scene of the crime with an occupational force. Go to

Didn’t know who to call?

Li Chung Ming of the Hawaii Institute of Geophysics and Planetology was interviewed by ABC news Dec. 27, 2004. Ming stated that her facility knew about the earthquake the moment it happened and predicted that a tsunami would follow. But, because Indian Ocean nations failed to be part of the tsunami early warning system in place throughout the Pacific rim since 1965, "We didn’t know who to call," Ming told Ted Koppel.

The region is now scrambling to develop a tsunami early warning system bureaucracy so next time, if there ever is one, the big wave won’t take them so totally by surprise.

Diversion Alert!

Experience teaches us that whenever the media monopolizes our minds with human interest stories something of political importance is not receiving adequate airtime or column inches. It is our feeling that American minds are being occupied with the Asian catastrophe so they will not concern themselves with the looming collapse of the U.S. dollar, the failure of the U.S. economic system and all the unpleasant eventualities those disastrous events could bring to the American people.

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