From the January 2005 Idaho Observer:

Tsunami madness

The tsunami hasn’t stopped. It keeps crashing into the minds of people and governments all over the world—and for different reasons. People just want to help people and the biggest question, even among those who are not pathologically conspiratorial is, "Do you think the tsunami was man made?" Governments are making a great show out of outdoing one another by pledging $millions and $billions in aid.

We live in a time where we have cause to suspect that what appears to be natural disasters may have been triggered by the activities of man. Patents have been granted for technologies capable of causing earthquakes and "making" weather. It is logical, therefore, to believe that man had a hand in creating the tsunami because there is ample evidence to suggest that he has the ability to do so.

Was it natural or man made? If man made, was it accidental or intentional?

At this time, the dominant media is reporting the event as if it were natural and nations are responding as if it were another disaster to which they must generously respond. But, if the official story does not evolve appropriately as new information becomes available, we may, indeed find proof that this tsunami was man made.

To date, several theories have been advanced based on a premise that the tsunami was created by—or triggered by—man.

Whether we believe one of these theories or believe that the tsunami was a natural occurrence (though tsunamis rarely, if ever, occur in this area), one thing is certain: The event has prompted a wave of geopolitical maneuvering among an interesting collection of nations, including: China, Japan, Russia, India, France, Germany, Sweden, Great Britain, Iran, Australia and the U.S.

Following is a collection of the more interesting tsunami theories.


Al-Osboa’ blames India/U.S./Israel for Aceh tsunami

Jerusalem Post reports Egytpian magazine claims

collaborative nuclear experiments were being conducted in tektonically unstable waters

Joseph Nasr of the Jerusalem Post wrote on January 6, 2005, that the earthquake that struck the Indian Ocean last December 26, triggering the huge waves responsible for killing 175,000 (and still counting), completely reshaping landscapes and causing $billions in damages from Thailand to Africa, ‘"was possibly’ caused by an Indian nuclear experiment in which ‘Israeli and American nuclear experts participated,’ an Egyptian weekly magazine reported Thursday."

According to Nasr, "Al-Osboa’, a weekly Egyptian magazine, India, in its heated nuclear race with Pakistan, has lately received sophisticated nuclear know-how from the United States and Israel, both of which ‘showed readiness to cooperate with India in experiments to exterminate humankind.’"

Since 1992, the magazine argued, leading geological centers in Britain, Turkey and other countries, warned of the need "not to hold nuclear experiments in the region of the Indian Ocean known as "the Fire Belt," in which the epicenter of the earthquake lies.

Geologists labeled that region the Fire Belt for being "a dangerous terrain that can move at anytime, without human intervention," Al-Osboa’ wrote.

Despite warnings not to carry out nuclear experiments in and around the Fire Belt, "Israel and India continue to conduct nuclear tests in the Indian Ocean, and the United States has recently decided to carry out similar tests in the Australian deserts, which is included in the Fire Belt, the Egyptian weekly magazine wrote.

"Last year only, Arab and Islamic states have asked the United States to stop its nuclear activities in that region, and to urge Israel and India to follow suit," Al-Osboa’ reported.

Although Al-Osboa’ does not rule out the possibility that the tsunami could have been caused by a natural earthquake, it speculates however that, "while it has not been proved yet, there has been a joint Israeli-Indian secret nuclear experiment [conducted on December 26] that caused the earthquake."

Al-Osboa’ concludes in its report that "the exchange of nuclear experts between Israel and India, and U.S. pressure on Pakistan, which is exerted by supplying India with state-of-the-art nuclear technology and preventing Islamabad from cooperating with Asian and Islamic states in the nuclear field, pose a big question mark on the causes behind the violent Asian earthquake."

The Jerusalem Post article does not deny U.S./Israeli involvement in Indian nuclear testing. It does, however, close with the observation that the Egyptian media usually confines its "anti-Semitism" to the "Israeli-Palestinian conflict." Then closes by stating that Ibrahim Naafi, the editor of a completely different Egyptian publication, was charged with "incitement to anti-Semitism and racist violence," over an article entitled, "Jewish matza is made from Arab blood."



The IO’s 19-point theory for post-tsunami realities

The coal age came to an end at the close of WWI. That gave birth to the age of oil. Before 1918, the Middle East was a vast, borderless frontier ruled territorially as kingdoms within the Ottoman Empire.

By 1922, the West had divided the oil-rich Middle East into the "countries" we know today from the lines they drew on maps.

Then the West decided whose oil companies would exploit the oil from what countries. Now the world consumes about 100 million barrels of oil every day—most of which comes from the Middle East. Oil is petroleum products (including fuels, lubricants, plastics, foams and solvents), chemicals and drugs; take away oil and life as we know it stops. Immediately.

THE prime motivating factor of ALL wars since the turn of the last century is oil; a secure and adequate supply of oil is THE key to the nations’ political and economic futures.

Whether the tsunami was man-made or not is an interesting proposition—and one that has generated many more theories than answers. But, now that the tsunami happened, what are the short and long-term geostrategic implications?

To ordinary people all over the world, this is a human tragedy of tremendous proportions.

Since the only thing ordinary people can do is give money and pray, we should infer that the outcomes of the tsunami aftermath are largely being determined by those administrating the aftermath—governments, and those financing and supplying the goods and services of humanitarian aid for profit.

Consider the following scenario:

1. China, with its burgeoning middle-class and steadily-increasing production capacity, will require larger quantities of oil to satisfy consumer and production demand (think of the Chinese working class as the "Americans" of the 21st century).

2. The oil-producing countries of the world, particularly the Middle East, are, justifiably mad at the U.S. for many reasons—the war on terrorism, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and its unyielding alliance with Israel, to name a few.

3. Oil is no longer exclusively monetized in U.S. dollars and oil-producing nations in the Middle East are making deals to sell oil to Europe and China in euros and yuan.

4. We are arguably at peak oil production and consumption is likely to double when China’s thirst for oil matures.

5. Alliances are being formed along lines not discussed in the American press: Germany/France/Russia and; Russia/China/India.

6. U.S. oil companies had control of Iraqi oil but was losing it because Saddam was making deals with Europeans in euros—not dollars. So we got rid of Saddam and took military control of his oil.

7. The U.S. keeps threatening to expand the "war on terrorism" into Iran and Syria, but has not done so. Why?

8. Because the real reason is oil and the U.S. is having a hard enough time hanging onto Iraq; expanding into Iran and Syria will threaten the interests of Europe and China and not even the neocons are foolish enough to essentially declare war on those nations by threatening their oil supplies.

9. The most direct route for Middle East oil bound for China is through the tsunami-devastated region.

10. U.S. military occupation of this region would be, at least temporarily, convenient for the U.S.

11. The only way the U.S. could accomplish occupation of that region would be under the guise of ongoing delivery of humanitarian aid.

12. However it happened, the tsunami hit, devastating the highly-populated region’s infrastructure, killing at least 175,000 people and destroying the survivors’ access to fresh food and water.

13. The U.S. dispatches marines and warships to deliver tons of USAID food and water.

14. The food is entirely genetically-modified, packaged and processed foods devoid of enzymes and nutritional value; the water is chlorinated and fluoridated.

15. Bellies get filled and thirst is quenched but, stress, chemical poisoning and malnutrition cause immune systems to fail enmasse and people begin to get sick.

16. Sickness becomes epidemic; mass vaccination programs, funded and administered by the WHO, get underway.

17. To prevent malaria, the entire area will be "crop dusted" with organophosphate insecticides, dramatically increasing chemical exposures and further weakening indigenous populations’ resistance to sickness and disease.

18. The mass vaccination program, combined with denatured food, contaminated water and organophosphate insecticides, perpetuates the problem of epidemic illness. Anger, frustration, poverty and dependence, combined with existing political tensions among warring factions, will result in an escalation of violent crime.

18. The only authority equipped to enforce the law will be the U.S. military. In that way, the created medical occupation can develop into a military occupation. Under these circumstances, the U.S. could easily justify its presence in the region for at least two years.

19. The region is also infamous for trafficking in opium and providing inexpensive vacations for sexual deviants. It is hard not to see the potential revenues to be gained by whomever is allowed to gain control of those (and related) "industries."

Until the evidence makes it impossible to deny the involvement of human hands in creating the tsunami, we will concentrate on monitoring post-tsunami activities of global "humanitarian" efforts. In the mean time, the 19-point scenario above constitutes our theory as to what will happen in the region.

A Century of War

The secret combinations behind the scenes and decades of their activities are directly responsible for global events as they are unfolding right now. William Engdahl’s "A Century of War" reveals in amazing detail the most important story of our time: The names, dates, places and events that created our world of chaos and perpetual armed conflict. This is not an entry-level book; this book is for the student of modern history who has, up until now, been unable to find all of the pieces of our real-life international intrigue jigsaw puzzle.

300 pages, available from The IO for $25

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