From the January 2005 Idaho Observer:

Stanley, sentenced to 6 plus 6, appeals conviction

DENVER—Last June, businessman and liberty activist/organizer Rick Stanley was found guilty of intimidating judges by a jury comprised primarily of barely post-pubescent girls who understood none of the constitutional issues being discussed. At Sentencing Sept. 11, 2004, Judge Joseph Quinn sentenced Stanley to six years in prison and six years probation for filing a Notice with the court containing language that allegedly frightened two judges.

Though a bond was ready to be posted and a notice of intent to appeal was immediately presented to the court, Stanley was taken into custody and held in the Adams County Courthouse for five days while the paperwork was being "processed."

Transcripts may not be ready for a year, so an appeal date will not be set for some time. For now, Stanley is trying to rebuild his business and is the host of a weekly talk radio program with The American Voice Radio Network.

Tune into Stanley via live Internet stream:

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