From the January 2005 Idaho Observer:

Silver Liberty vs. Silver Eagle

Of the 18 enumerated powers delegated to the federal government by the Constitution, one of them was " coin Money (and) regulate the Value thereof. The government still coins money but has lost total control of its coins' value. In this environment, we find privately minted coins that people can use in commerce are, quite simply, a better deal.

by Bernard vonNothaus

Thursday, December 9,2004

Silver Spot $7.45 on

Silver Eagle $10.51 on

Silver Liberty $9.77 on

Of all the ways to buy an ounce of gold or silver, the most popular brand name is the Gold and Silver "Eagle" by the U.S. Treasury. So in a dog-eat-dog investment world of "How cheap can I get it?" the conventional wisdom would be that the Eagle must be the best priced and anything else would be exchanging at a rate equal to or above the corresponding sales prices of other corresponding bullion items! Right? Think again.

On Thursday, December 9, 2004, the spot price of silver on well-known was quoted at $7.45. The one ounce Silver Eagle was $10.51 while the privately minted Silver Liberty was only $9.77.

Once again, private enterprise proves that it can provide the same product or even a better product for less than the government, even in the field of money.

So is the "Liberty" really better than the "Eagle?" After all, both are round and contain one Troy ounce of .999 fine silver.

Now just looking at the two, it is immediately noticeable that both have very handsome designs. But the Liberty has a beautiful "proof-like" finish while the Eagle has a gray, dull, "government like" appearance. But the comparison does not end with appearance or price.

The U.S. Treasury calls their Silver Eagle an investment. Why? Because it cannot be used in commerce. NORFED never refers to the Silver Liberty as an investment, because it is a currency that is actually used in commerce.

Who would buy a Silver Eagle for $10.51 and spend it at its face value of $1.00? Nobody! While, the upstart, free market American Silver Liberty is available for only $9.77, and it can be used for its face value of $10.

Your choice is simple: Pay too much and use an Eagle for a $1.00 or pay less and use a Liberty for $10. Sounds like free enterprise at its finest.

The Liberty Dollar brings competition to the market place and presents an undeniable comparison between cost of government services and the free market, private sector.

In an environment where NORFED must pay for every expense but the government does not, like its rent and other overhead costs, the privately minted Gold and Silver Libertys still wins in the market place on price, appearance, and functionality.

So why isn't the Silver Liberty Dollar the big dog in the marketplace? For the same reason that FedEx is not as big as the US Postal Service. Government agencies, like the US Treasury and Postal Service enjoy an "exulted" place in the mind of the poorly informed consumer, simply because they are a "government agency". But wait, maybe you are not a "poorly informed consumer" and know that the Federal Reserve is not part of the government and probably have some Liberty Dollars. This is good, but until more people know the real truth about our monetary fraud, our country will continue to be enslaved with vastly inferior money.

So DO NOT be deceived! Do not pay too much for your survival gold and silver currency. Get the Liberty Dollar at a discount from its face value, use it at a profit and popularize the solution to the government's monetary fraud.

Don't be a victim of their money. Win with the Silver Liberty Dollar!

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