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IDS earns an "A"

This article will challenge what you have been told about AIDS.

As you will see, immune deficiencies were identified as early as 1952 and their causes were then attributed to chemical exposure. The only thing that changed was the "discovery" of a "virus" that allegedly "causes" infected persons’ immune systems to fail.

by Jim Penick, Health Practitioner

What is now called AIDS is an aggregate of many diseases that have actually existed in medical literature for several decades.

Older editions of the Merck Manual, often referred to as a physician’s "bible," listed many immunodeficiency diseases under the title of "immune deficiency syndrome (IDS)."

In the 14th edition of the Merck Manual (1952) under the listing of "immunodeficiency" diseases you will find reference to IDS, as well as lyphocytopemia, leukocytopenia, A gamma globulin anemia, Kaposi sarcoma and others.

The "A" for "acquired" was deliberately added to an existing disease called IDS.

In this particular edition of the Merck Manual you will also find a listing of causes for IDS, long before we ever heard of AIDS, some of which are as follows: Cytotoxins (all poisons including alcohol, thimerosal/mercury, fluoride, etc. that kill cells), drugs, radiation, anti-metabolite therapy, and immunosuppressive drugs.

The contrast of Merck’s 1952 explanation for the cause of immune deficiency and the one in use today for [A]IDS begs some interesting questions:

* Have viruses taken over for drugs as the cause of these deficiencies?

* Do the causes listed in the Merck Manual no longer exist?

* Were the medical researchers incorrect in listing the earlier causes when they "should have been" looking for a virus? or

* Is focusing on a viral cause more lucrative to the pharmaceutical and chemical companies than blaming it on the toxic products and byproducts of their industries?

Recipe for [A]IDS

The disease called AIDS is a complex disease involving insufficient lymphocytes, leukocytes or other white blood cells critical to bodily mechanisms which keep the blood pure. These white blood cells apprehend any alien and non-nutrient materials and organisms in the bloodstream, surround them and process them for expulsion.

The average American indulges in 20 to 40 poisoning acts per day (poisons include caffeine, tobacco, soft drinks, alcohol, condiments, preservatives, drugs – prescription, over-the-counter and recreational—toxic foods, etc.). The bloodstream, therefore, is constantly assaulted with poisons.

Likewise, the faculties that create these defensive mechanisms (namely the bone marrow and lymph organs and tissues) are constantly under siege from poisons, hence they lose their ability to create many types of white blood cells. The result is AIDS.

HIV and [A]IDS

The pharmaceutical industry, however, has convinced most people that certain types of viruses cause the destruction of these defensive faculties.

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) has never been proven to be the cause of AIDS or any other illness. After more than 20 years, the role of HIV in the development of AIDS remains an unsubstantiated theory. No scientific evidence demonstrating how HIV causes immune dysfunction has ever been published anywhere in the world.

Retroviruses were studied by governmental research scientists for over 25 years as a possible cause of cancer, specifically because they do not destroy cells. Now it is claimed that the retrovirus HIV causes AIDS by destroying the cells of the immune system; and yet the genetic structure of HIV makes it no different from other harmless retroviruses.

Dr. Peter Duesberg, a pioneer in retrovirus research stated: "The fact that 4,126 cases of AIDS have been recorded with absolutely no presence of the HIV alone makes it impossible for AIDS to be caused by HIV."


Most AIDS victims are being treated with AZT (azido-thymedine). It was a drug looking for a disease. Designed to wipe out cancer cells, it is administered for a very limited time to allow recovery from its devastating effects to the immune system.

AZT was determined to be too toxic; it had never been given to humans prior to the first AIDS trials. Now AZT is being marketed as a treatment for immune suppression and is prescribed for daily, continuous use. The drug’s package insert, however, clearly states that AZT causes acquired immune deficiency!

As you can see, AIDS victims are succumbing to the treatment and not the disease itself.

Special [A]IDS immune theory

Let’s consider what is meant by immunity. This is important if we are to grasp the entire AIDS picture. We are told that if we get a vaccine injected into us, or even taken orally in some cases, that we will develop antibodies to the vaccine antigen such that, when we are invaded by the real thing we will not get the disease—the body will be immune and the antibodies will quickly destroy the virus.

That rationale has always been used by the organized medicine to support its vaccination programs. Of course that rationale is erroneous since diseases are always body initiated and conducted. In other words, the accumulation of toxins in the body creates the breeding ground for the pathogens—and not the other way around.

Now we are being told, in the case of AIDS, antibodies to HIV are not regarded as an immune factor but just the opposite! While the so-called AIDs "virus" is not in evidence, titers being made of fluid and tissues taken from people are said to contain HIV antibodies.

The fact that those having HIV antibodies do not have the virus should be, by immunization rationale, evidence that they have immunity to AIDS. Instead, they are declared to be "HIV positive.

Such blatant contradictions can’t stand reason’s scrutiny.

The elephant and the flea

To further illustrate the virus rationale being foisted on us, we are going to use as an example, the head of a dead flea. Now let’s presume that a flea’s head is about one billionth the size of an elephant. This is the same size comparison Guyton’s Textbook of Medical Physiology establishes for a virus (flea head) to a cell (elephant). What we call a virus is actually a genome, or genetic material. Genomes are to cellular mitochondria what heads are to fleas and other animals.

In presenting the virus rationale, we are asked to believe that a flea’s head attaches itself to an elephant, injects itself into an elephant and takes command of the elephant! Never mind that the flea head is dead. All so-called viruses (genomes) are dead. None are living. Why? Because to any thinking person, they are a fractionated part of what was a living organism. But yet it can do things like take over an elephant’s mind… Upon taking over the elephant, it commands it to reproduce its "dead" head and the elephant reproduces the flea head thousands upon thousands of times. When the elephant replicates about 20,000 to 30,000 flea heads, it "explodes" and the flea heads are free to seek out other elephants and repeat the process.

From this analogy did you get that 20,000 to 30,000 flea heads are only one five hundredths of one percent of the size of an elephant? That is like saying that if you inject yourself with a fraction of an ounce of a substance, it will cause so much pressure inside you that you will explode.

Special [A]IDS "virus"

We are asked to believe in obligatory reproduction. That means that another organism is obligated to reproduce an alien organism. Have you ever witnessed, in all of nature, anything reproducing anything other than its own kind? What exactly halts obligatory reproduction once it is established?

Guyton’s Medical Textbook acknowledges that viruses have no reproductive system, no locomotion, no metabolism, and cannot be reproduced as live entities in vitro. But, yet, these non-entities are credited with such actions as "injecting" themselves, "incubating, lying in wait, invading, commanding, infecting" and being "deadly."

Undoing the deception

More than 500 of the world’s most prominent scientists have banded together to form the "Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV-AIDS Hypothesis." Robert E. Willner, a noted research scientist and author of "Deadly Deceptions," has traveled the world and, under very strict clinical conditions, injected AIDS and HIV patients’ blood into his own body. To date he has failed to "catch" AIDS.

For the past 10 years I have begun my health classes by commingling my blood with those who have been diagnosed with AIDS and other communicable diseases. Perhaps one day I will succeed in "catching" one of those elusive viruses!

We natural hygienists have restored thousands of AIDS victims to health via fasting. Once they cease the cause of their miseries and adhere to Nature’s laws, vibrant health inevitably follows.

Sustained faith in medical "cures" is most commonly acquired by a voluntary suspension of observation and reason. Drugs and drug taking is the grand delusion of our age.

It seems as if the grand experiment of mankind has ever been to ascertain how far they can transgress the laws of Nature, how nearly they can approach to the very point of death, and yet not die, at least not die so suddenly and violently as to be compelled to know that they have destroyed themselves.


Bush donates $500 million to help deliver dangerous AIDS drug nevirapine to Africans

Beginning December 14, 2004, the Associated Press began publishing a series of three articles on President Bush’s $500 million donation to African AIDS relief efforts. The main purpose of the donation was to purchase quantities of a dangerous AIDS drug called nevirapine from the manufacturer and give it to African women. Critics of the Bush donation believe that fatal results of the drug’s usage in the U.S. have diminished sales so, using tax dollars to buy stockpiled doses of nevirapine from the manufacturer and then give it free to Africans was a solution to the problem.

Nevirapine is said to have certain reactivity with HIV-1—the "virus" that has never been proven to cause "AIDS."

By Liam Scheff

Dr. Edmund Tramont, Head of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) AIDS division, was outed by fellow NIH AIDS researcher Dr. Jonathan Fishbein, for burying evidence of drug toxicity in an African drug trial. Documents obtained by the Associated Press show that Tramont censored reporting of thousands of toxic reactions and at least 14 deaths in the ongoing Nevirapine study in Uganda.

Nevirapine is the key component of George W. Bush’s $500 million donation to get AIDS drugs to Africans.

South African President Thabo Mbeki accused the U.S. of using Africans as "guinea pigs." The Rev. Jesse Jackson echoed the statement, calling the cover-up "an outrage."

The media has seized on this like it’s news, but the truth about Nevirapine was known in 2000, when the FDA put a black-box label on the drug, warning of the drug’s ability to cause fatal liver damage and bloody rupturing of skin and flesh.

The drug’s manufacturer, Boehringer Ingelheim, had originally slotted the drug for pregnant HIV-positive women in the U.S. But Nevirapine’s toxicities were so great, they pulled it out of the FDA approval process. Then they did what all AIDS drug manufacturers do with their garbage - dump it into the gay, Black or foreign market and tell the soft-headed liberal media that it’s an "antiretroviral" that will stop AIDS.

Scheff’s article was originally posted to the Guerrilla News Network website at

Note: John James of countered the AP stories as sensational and inaccurate. He agreed that studies show nevirapine is dangerous and can cause AIDS infections in women to mutate, making them more difficult to treat in the future, and recommended the use of regimen-intensive drugs like AZT instead. He also mentioned that nevirapine is more convenient because women can take it for a short time without causing people around them to suspect they have AIDS.

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