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Male reproductive problems and real solutions

As mentioned in last month’s column, today’s sperm count in the average male is half what it was just 70 years ago. Studies also show that 50 percent of American men have some type of erectile dysfunction. Rather than correcting the cause of the problem, most American men prefer to take a "quick fix" as reflected in the over $2 billion in sales of Pfizer’s Viagra. And if this isn’t bad enough, prostate cancer is now the number one type of cancer among men. Most people still think that prostate disease is only a problem in older men. However, current statistics show that 60 percent of American men over 40 now have prostate disease and when they reach 50 years of age, 35 percent can expect to have cancer growing in their prostates.

by Ingri Cassel

Throughout history couples’ inability to produce children has been blamed on the woman because we have been conditioned to believe that the woman’s health is the primary factor in the ability or inability to conceive. But the quality as well as the quantity of sperm is just as important as the woman’s overall health. According to Dr. Richard Schulze, if today’s woman is not becoming pregnant, the man’s low sperm count is the most likely cause.

The prostate gland

The prostate gland, the key male reproductive organ, is a little over an inch in diameter surrounding the neck of the bladder and the urethra. It is part muscle and part gland, secreting a thin, opalescent component of the seminal fluid. The urethra from the bladder passes through the entire length of the penis, the penis being used both as the final organ for eliminating urine and also for the expelling of sperm.

"The strategic location of the prostate between the urinary bladder and the rectum necessitates giving meticulous attention to everything that man puts into his system. Between the fermenting and putrefying waste matter in the colon, on the one hand, and the many insidious elements which can find their way into the kidneys and the urinary bladder, on the other hand, we have the perfect set-up for two vicious ailments to which the prostate is an easy victim: namely inflammation and cancer." ~p.141, Colon Health: The Key to a Vibrant Life by Norman W. Walker

The urethra passes over the middle lobe of the prostate gland which explains why in later life if the prostate becomes enlarged, there will be problems urinating since the route for urine leaving the bladder is partially closed off. This urine retention often starts by a decrease in the force of the stream of urine leaving the body. When the prostate is enlarged due to infection or cancer causing a reduced flow of urine, this can be very serious, even to the point of causing uremic poisoning within the body. An accumulation of toxins in the body can result in mucus and sediment forming in the prostate gland causing its enlargement.

"Often the male hormones produced by the body are not enough to keep the prostate gland functioning well. The nitrates and nitrites in processed meats, hot dogs, baloney, and other cold cuts have a particularly important role in the formation of cancer of the prostate in the male." ~Dr. Christopher’s Natural Healing Newsletter, Vol. 3, #6, p.4

Healing a suffering prostate

Dr. Christopher recommends that in any form of "cell deterioration," one should first do a thorough bowel cleanse and flush out the parasites harbored there. After the bowels are cleansed, it is important to take a blood purifying combination of herbs to clean up the bloodstream. His herbal combination that was specifically formulated for any malfunction of the prostate gland consists of equal parts of ginger root, queen of the meadow (gravel) root, juniper berries, goldenseal root, marshmallow root, parsley root, uva ursi leaves, and cayenne. All herbs should be powdered and placed in "00" sized capsules. The recommendation is two to three capsules in the morning and two to three at night taken with parsley leaf or root tea.*

Dr. Christopher also highly recommends taking a hormone-balancing herbal combination in addition to the aforementioned formula, especially for those experiencing low sperm counts or "male menopause." This formula requires black cohosh, sarsaparilla, ginseng, licorice, false unicorn, blessed thistle and squawvine. The ginseng and sarsaparilla contain progesterone and testosterone, two hormones necessary for the proper functioning of the male reproductive organs. Men shouldn’t be alarmed about taking herbs high in estrogen since the body will select what it needs and discard the rest.

A former student of Dr. Christopher, Dr. Richard Shultze has taught many people the essential lifestyle keys for healing themselves. His herbal formulae are extremely potent and test high energetically—which is why he consistently receives the miraculous testimonies he does from people using his products as recommended and according to his clinical protocol.

Dr. Shultze’s Prostate Formula contains saw palmetto berries, uva ursi leaves, juniper berries, pygeum bark, nettle root, and corn silk. Saw palmetto, pygeum bark and stinging nettle root have all been clinically established to relieve the symptoms of benign prostate hypertrophy although their action is not scientifically understood. Uva ursi, juniper berries and corn silk are specific for the bladder and kidneys. **

According to Dr. Shultze, "The herbs in this formula promote the flow of urine even when the prostate is enlarged due to infection, swelling and benign prostate hypertrophy often referred to as BPH. These are my clinical findings along with the medical research on saw palmetto. My clinical experience is that this formula also reduced the swelling and enlargement of the prostate. The medical research on saw palmetto doesn’t yet state this action. Whether more research is needed, or this action was due to the combination of herbs in this tonic I don’t know. I also made men adhere to a vegetarian diet which I know also reduces prostate enlargement.

"Regardless, in the clinic, this herbal formula never failed to help men with enlarged prostates to urinate freely and sleep through the night without having to get up numerous times to urinate. Over time, it also proved effective in reducing and eliminating prostate enlargement."


Following are a couple of testimonies that Dr. Shultze has received regarding the use of his prostate formula:

I am 62 and my prostate was so bad I had to get up to urinate every hour and a half, all night long, EVERY NIGHT. I didn’t think I’d get a good night’s sleep ever again. I followed your advice and started your Prostate Tonic and it was a blessing. Last week for the first time in years I slept like a baby. I also stopped eating red meat like you suggested. Thank you.

~R.N., Washington, D.C.

A few months back I was rushed to the hospital in the middle of the night. I couldn’t urinate at all, my bladder was painfully full but I couldn’t void any urine. The doctors put a catheter up my penis and emptied what seemed like a gallon of urine. They said if I had waited any longer I would have been dead. The doctors examined my prostate and told me that it was almost double the size it should be. It had completely crimped off my urethra tube. Also, my PSA test was off the charts, really bad. They feared prostate cancer and wanted to do an immediate 8 needle biopsy. Call me chicken, but the idea of eight needles being jammed between my anus and testicles and prostate tissue being yanked off sounded so frightening, that I refused and left the doctors’ office. They told me I was crazy, I could have cancer and it could metastasize and kill me. A friend told me about you and I immediately ordered and started on your Prostate Formula, Kidney and Bladder formulas and all of your programs. The doctors told me that I would have to come back to the hospital every day and have the catheter put up my penis in order to void urine, but using your Prostate Formula I was peeing the very next day. I stayed on your herbal formulas and programs for about a month. I never felt better and I was peeing my brains out. I eventually went back to the doctors and they were shocked. They said my prostate was back down to normal size and there was nothing wrong with it and I didn’t need any treatment. My PSA test was normal too. I was scared to death and I want to thank you for your great herbs and great programs. I am a true believer now.

~ J.T., Los Angeles, CA

Real family planning

Dr. John Christopher and other naturopaths suggest that couples who are planning to have a family first spend a year doing various detoxification regimens together. Bowel, liver and kidney cleanses are recommended as well as what Dr. Christopher calls the "mucusless diet." This diet consists of organic fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains. The latter should be soaked in water overnight and/or germinated. Grains should never be heated over 125 degrees since it is imperative to preserve the enzymes necessary for proper digestion and assimilation of vital nutrients.

If a man’s reproductive organs are in a healthy condition the seed at conception will be healthier and more viable than seed produced by unhealthy reproductive organs.

It is a misnomer that health problems that are passed down from generation to generation cannot be corrected through herbs, diet, and a change in lifestyle habits. It is important to understand that recipes and dietary habits are also frequently learned from ones parents, and can change through correct understanding of how our bodies are self-healing when given the proper tools—nutritious foods, healing herbs and fasting protocols.

The psycho/spiritual component of reproductive health

We have found that all dis-eases have a corresponding spiritual or emotional issue that needs to be addressed if complete healing is the goal. According to Louise Hay in her book, You Can Heal Your Life, prostate problems are likely connected to mental fears that weaken one’s sense of their own masculinity. An enlarged prostate can also be related to "giving up" or sexual pressure and guilt. Prostate cancer, as with all cancers, relates to longstanding resentment, or a dark secret or grief literally eating away at oneself.

Norman Walker’s years of experience as a nutritionist and researcher corroborates the importance of mental and emotional health in both preventing and fully recovering from prostate diseases:

Deep resentments, stress, worry, anger, fear and the multiplicity of similar attitudes are definite contributing factors which predispose the prostate gland to ailments and disease.

We had a young friend in his mid-thirties with three children who was filled with the fear lest he fail to take proper care of his family financially. He worked hard, much too hard, and at too long a stretch at a time. He was always worrying yet tried to keep his worries from becoming apparent to others, particularly his wife. He tried to be meticulous about eating correct food and generally strived to take good care of himself under the circumstances. All this was of no avail. He developed inflammation of the prostate which turned into cancer. His wife insisted that he go to the hospital, which he did much against his wishes and better judgment. He left the hospital for his final eternal home while his widow was left to take care of what was left of his body. The doctors said he died of cancer. I say he died as a result of his negative frame of mind. Even colon irrigations cannot overcome a negative state of mind. How very true it is that, "As a man thinketh, so he is." ~ Colon Health, p. 142

As the above story illustrates, it is vitally important to clean up the past and forgive yourself and those close to you to achieve success in any healing program. Positive affirmations, daily prayer and meditation, and joining a spiritual support group are helpful ways to change habitual thought patterns. Please remember that negative thinking is as lethal as SAD—the Standard American Diet.

*You can purchase this combination directly from Christopher’s Herb Shop in capsule form or by the pound. The name for this combination is Prospallate. The hormone balancing formula is called Changease.

**You can learn about Richard Shultze’s herbal programs and purchase his superior formulas by going to or calling 1-800-HERBDOC.

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