From the December 2004 Idaho Observer:

With Liberty and Justice for All

The December, 2004 hardcopy edition of The IO was mailed with an insert encouraging concerned citizens to order one-hour tapes or DVDs of the pro-American community access television show "With Liberty and Justice for All." Hosted by a true American patriot, Dennis Grover of Reno, "Liberty and Justice" has been running for seven years. In that time, Grover and his production crew have ascended to a level of professionalism and broadcast excellence that is a credit to our collective beliefs in truth, justice and the way things ought to be in the land of the free.

The concept of Liberty and Justice as a locally-broadcast public access show was born in 1998 when the Libertarian Party of Nevada asked Grover, a dedicated activist and author of the book "Knowledge Equals Freedom," to host a live broadcast featuring like-minded individuals. Grover agreed and originally thought that he would do five or six shows and that would be the end of it.

But instead, Liberty and Justice sprouted legs and took off running.

There is no secret to the show’s longevity. Grover simply brings out the best in guests who have something important to discuss. The atmosphere on the set is friendly, knowledgable, sincere and, when appropriate, humorous. Being taped in Reno gives the crew a decided advantage over most community access shows because various personalities of interest travel to Reno anyway and are happy to tape a show while they are in town.

The point of our exercise here is to capitalize on the seven years of experience Grover and the dedicated crew of Liberty and Justice have accumulated by circulating their work wider and farther than it already has to help inform our friends and neighbors of our collective national peril.

These shows are excellent and informative; they are edited to just under an hour with station breaks included so that your local community access station may simply plug them into the machine and play them.

We are now living in a time where people are awakening to what we have been trying to tell them for decades. They are finally beginning to listen. Community access stations are always in search of quality programming and Liberty and Justice is a quality program that conveys a message of freedom and justice to our countrymen through some of our most knowledgeable and eloquent spokesmen.

There is also an element of chemistry that occurs between guests, host and crew. Host and crew are a family that come together every other week to tape a show; the guest is welcomed into the family as an out-of-area relative whose presence is an excuse to throw a party

And the shows are priced for rapid distribution. Grover explains that community access stations schedule their programming in 13-week (quarterly) cycles. So, the best way to schedule Liberty and Justice is to have 13 shows ready to go. Grover will send your choice of 13 shows for $130 (includes shipping).

Our most sincere thanks go out to Grover and the crew for enduring the trials and errors that come with developing an artform that makes us all look good.

The IO has arranged to acquire a set of 13 Liberty and Justice shows to be scheduled for broadcast on community access television Channel 19, Post Falls.

We would like to encourage our readers to consider taking advantage of Liberty and Justice as a means to put a sincere and professional face on our pro-liberty beliefs by arranging to broadcast some of these excellent shows in your area.

You can find additional information on With Liberty and Justice for All at the website or by calling Grover at (530) 993-4472.

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