From the December 2004 Idaho Observer:

A common sense approach to correcting reproductive dysfunction

by Ingri Cassel

One major health concern facing men and women today is reproductive dysfunction and its manifestation as impotency, infertility, enlarged prostates, endometriosis and general hormone imbalances.

We can certainly blame our toxic environment and food supply for much of the epidemic reproductive and sexual dysfunction prevalent today but empowering ourselves with the logical solutions is what we want to emphasize. But it is also important to highlight just how pervasive and downright serious the epidemic of reproductive/sexual dysfunction really is.

Dr. Richard Schulze’s July, 2003 newsletter House Calls ( sums up the seriousness of America’s plight:

"Weak, Powerless, Helpless, Incapable, Barren, Unfruitful – These are not the words that we associate with the United States of America or that we use to describe our country, its people or its landscape. Nevertheless, they are accurate and true.

I bring you this message because time is running out for America and she will fall just like many great civilizations did from the Greeks to the Roman Empire. No, I am not talking about SARS from China, or AIDS from Africa or even an Al Qaeda Terrorist attack from the Middle East. It’s worse.

The above words are the ones that my computer thesaurus picked to describe impotent and infertile, which is what Americans are becoming at an alarming rate. And if we don’t do something about it, we won’t have to worry about bacterial, viral or even terrorist invaders, because there will be no one left to invade."

Now ponder this last statement and you will understand my passion for the Vaccination Liberation movement and insuring that future generations have the right to "own" their bodies and immunize themselves without vaccines, toxic drugs and chemicals.

Continuing to quote Dr. Schulze:

"MEN – the Average American male sperm count is half of what it was 70 years ago. 50% of all American men have some type of erectile dysfunction which has boosted sales of Viagra over the 2 billion dollar mark in spite of its dangerous, even lethal side effects. If having a limp penis that is shooting blanks isn’t depressing enough to the American male, the latest medical statistics now show Prostate Cancer is the #1 cancer in men, beating out lung cancer. Many American men believe that I am talking about older men, senior citizens or people over 70. I wish I was, but medical studies have proven that by the age of 40 over 60% of American men have prostate disease. By age 50, 35% already have cancer growing in their prostate with 1,000 new prostate cancers being discovered EVERY DAY! And if all this isn’t enough, men who used to live as long as women are now dying 6 to 10 years earlier….

WOMEN – ladies, it’s not any better. To begin with over 10 million American women are infertile. Of those that get pregnant every year, over 1 million either have miscarriages or give birth to deformed children. This year over 10 million women will use medical fertility drugs and procedures in spite of the fact that they are dangerous and have an 87% failure rate…. This year over 70 million American women are in menopause with 2 million more entering menopause before the year is out. Although this is a natural physiological change that all women go through, American women are experiencing it way before their Asian and European counterparts. Over ½ a million American women will be gutted this year having their uterus and ovaries cut out of their body. Since 1/3 to ½ of a woman’s life is spent in menopause, women scramble for anti-aging cover-ups like botox injections, liposuction, plastic surgery and millions take Estrogen [Premarin] made from horse urine even though new placebo studies at Baylor Institute now uncover results that show it does little. Well, actually it does a lot because the manufacturers will tell you that using Estrogen increases your risk of developing cancer up to 15 times!"

Reclaiming America through health

So there you have it – America has become a society of impotent men and barren women. One way we can "reclaim America" is to simultaneously reclaim responsibility for our own health. Past columns have emphasized the importance of owning a juicer, eating a diet of organically grown and minimally processed foods, drinking plenty of water while avoiding dehydrating beverages, getting a rebounder (most efficient form of exercise on the planet) and using it daily, and the importance of modified fasting while cleansing the colon, kidneys and liver.

Whether you want to conceive a healthy child or simply want to feel more alive and vibrant while enhancing your sex drive, taking the time to do a colon cleanse, a liver/gallbladder flush and a parasite cleanse are the most important steps to take in restoring reproductive health. We have found time and time again that most people’s health problems begin in their digestive tract so it is logical to start there. From my experience, most people’s diseases have their genesis in the large and small intestines. Having a nutrient deficient diet, being chronically dehydrated, and lack of exercise and oxygen results in a buildup of toxic fecal matter in the intestines. The Royal Society of Medicine in the UK once referred to this condition as "alimentary intestinal toxemia" and attributed over 90 percent of all diseases as being caused by it.

Parasites thrive in a dark, warm environment containing toxic fecal matter as well as in organs that are compromised due to heavy metals and other pollutants. Hulda Clark points out in her book, The Cure for All Diseases, how our modern plastics, mercury amalgams, soaps, solvents, cosmetics, aluminum cans and cooking utensils, and even the pipes running water into our homes are the source for pollutants entering our bodies and creating the perfect breeding ground for a host of parasites. If you are serious about correcting reproductive problems, we highly recommend following Hulda Clark’s "Road to Wellness":

* We have only two problems: parasites and pollutants….These two things are responsible for all our other problems.

* Our bodies have been trying to get rid of [parasites and pollutants] by making stones, making secretions, giving us swellings, inflammations and benign tumors. We then develop deficiencies and disabilities.

* Finally, some permanent damage is done. Our hair turns gray, we develop cataracts, our spine bends, nerves and muscles die. We weaken [and become impotent and infertile!].

Hulda Clark’s strategy for reversing disease

First, we will kill all parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Second, we will remove the toxic molds, metals and chemicals in our food and body products.

Third, we will clear away and wash away the [gallbladder/kidney] stones, secretions (cysts and growths) and debris (old fecal matter) already formed, that hinders healing.

Fourth, we will use herbs and special food factors to hasten healing, being careful to use only pure products.

Dr. Schulze has a similar approach. He encourages men and women to utilize his "energetically-high" formulas to cleanse their colon, liver and kidneys. Next is nutritional support using his Super Food supplement daily along with a vegan vegetarian diet of organic foods and consuming fresh vegetable juices daily. He also highly recommends daily exercise especially during menopause since circulatory malfunction increases during this time as well as the likelihood of bone loss. Dr. Schulze says, "Dance, Swim, Roll around, Jump, Hop like the freakin’ Easter bunny, I don’t care, but get off your lazy butt and start moving!" Finally, he recommends his excellent Female Formula to aid in much needed hormonal support for menopause, PMS, infertility and hormone imbalance.

This formula contains such herbs as Dong Quai, Wild Yam Root, Vitex (Chaste tree) berry, and Uva Ursi. Women who have had hysterectomies have often been convinced that they must take Premarin daily for the rest of their lives. However, Dr. Shultze knows of numerous women who have successfully switched to his Female Formula thereby eliminating the dangers of daily Premarin use. I witnessed the same with a woman I was working with over 20 years ago. She no longer had a gallbladder, uterus or ovaries and wanted off the hormones her doctor prescribed. We had her taking one Dong Quai capsule and two Black Cohosh capsules three times daily. She was ecstatic with the results. Since then we have found that extracts and supplements in liquid form are better assimilated and more effective.

The two herbs that are specific for both girls and boys going through puberty are blessed thistle and red raspberry leaves. Most teenagers lack the nutritional support for the changes their body is going through and can go through personality changes as a result. If you are ready to disown your own child, try instead to provide them with the nutrition their bodies need while insisting they take three capsules each of red raspberry leaf and blessed thistle daily.

According to Dr. John R. Christopher (Dr. Richard Schulze’s herbal teacher), red raspberry leaf is a specific for all women’s ailments. Raspberry leaves act upon the procreative organs of women by stimulating, toning and regulating them more effectively than any known herb. Many women have experienced that when they drink a pot of raspberry leaf tea throughout their pregnancy, they can eliminate morning sickness, leg and muscle cramps, and have an easier delivery.

Herbs and nutrients specific for infertility

An herbal combination that has been traditionally used contains black cohosh root, goldenseal root, red raspberry leaf, marshmallow root, blessed thistle, lobelia, ginger root, queen of the meadow herb, and cayenne. Specific nutrients the body needs for healing the reproductive organs are vitamin E, vitamin C, bioflavinoids, vitamin B-complex, calcium, magnesium, iodine, zinc and selenium. These nutrients are best assimilated when taken in food form. For concentrated nutrition, drink fresh pressed vegetable juices daily and consume soaked or sprouted seeds and grains that are minimally heated to preserve necessary enzymes.

If you begin spotting anytime during your pregnancy and you are concerned with the possibility of a miscarriage, get some false unicorn root and lobelia herb. Make an infusion of the herbs using four parts false unicorn and one part lobelia (by weight). Use one teaspoon of the mixture to each cup of purified water. Stay in bed while drinking a ½ cup of tea every half hour until bleeding stops, and then a ½ cup every hour the following day while staying in bed as much as possible. If the fetus is normal, the potential of miscarriage will be averted. If there are problems with the pregnancy, this formula will actually induce a "clean" miscarriage.

It must be mentioned that castor oil packs are also a wonderful remedy for potential miscarriages. Many women have used them over their abdomen each night upon retiring and have carried their babies to full term when premature births occurred in prior pregnancies. (See June 2000 edition of The Idaho Observer, article – Castor Oil: The Palm of Christ).

Always remember that our bodies are self-healing when given the proper tools to do so.

Next month we will continue with real solutions for men’s reproductive ailments.


American Botanical Pharmacy (Dr. Schulze formulas and newsletters)
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Herbs First
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