From the November 2004 Idaho Observer:

Will the world survive four more years of neoconflict?

George Bush

A study by researchers at Johns Hopkins University, Columbia University and the Al-Mustansiriya University in Baghdad has placed the death toll in Iraq at over 100,000-most of them noncombatant men, women and children. The study was published prior to the U.S. military assault on Fallujah which is expected to significantly increase these figures.

Globally, popular support of armed U.S. aggression in the Middle East is nearly non-existent. Since President Bush's reelection, the world seems braced for a U.S.-led expansion of war into Iran and Syria; tension on the North/South Korean border could erupt into full-scale war at any time.

An alliance is forming between France, Germany and Russia. As U.S. relations with European nations deteriorate as a result of its foreign policies, the resolve to evict U.S. military personnel stationed in the Old World strengthens.

President Bush and members of his administration have admitted that the "war on terror" could go on for years. Able bodies will be drafted to help promote the benefits of war: Profits for the few; misery for the many.

With a little research one can see that the Bush administration is not fumbling and bumbling around in the dark. There is an agenda guiding what appears to be a series of public relations blunders. The neocon agenda, which promotes the notion of "Greater Israel (ideally encompassing most of the Middle East)" is the most compelling philosophical force behind U.S. foreign policy.

The agenda is not hidden. In fact, many neoconservatives-Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, William and Irving Kristol and Michael Ledeen-have been quite outspoken about their intentions for America. To get a solid perspective on the neocons' plans for your future and why the Bush administration is so committed in its politically, economically and spiritually destructive direction, check out the "Project for a New American Century" at

Will the world survive another four years? Of course it will-the world has survived every megalomaniacal regime to date.

The real question is, "Will the U.S. survive another term with President Bush fronting for the neocons?" As our debts deepen to pay for war and as confidence in the dollar and the "defenders-of-freedom" myth evaporate, the likelihood of the U.S. surviving the next four years also evaporates.

Cheer up, though: AMERICA WILL SURVIVE!

Caption: This photo may be too good to be true, but others are not. The website at posted a videoclip where the president, preparing to acknowledge his reelection, was captured flipping what he called his "one-fingered salute." President Bush's tendency to "salute" people in this unstatesman-like manner provides powerful insight into how he views the world.

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