From the November 2004 Idaho Observer:

120,000,000 accessories to a crime

As I sit here seven days after the election I feel vindicated for taking the unpopular position that voting in America today is a criminal act.

What began as murmurs of disbelief moments after George Bush was called the winner are becoming demands for retallying the votes one week later. Will they be recounted or will they not be recounted? It doesn’t matter because there is no way we will ever be able to qualify an accurate recount. Why? Because the machines of politics have so completely debauched the entire voting system it has become an uncountable, unaccountable, statutorially-justified and judicially-upheld fraud.

Therefore, voting in America today is being an accessory to fraud.

The easiest way to prove the point is by comparison. The Swiss are the votingest people in the world. They have developed a secure system of casting, collecting and counting paper ballots. In the event that the accuracy of a vote tally is challenged, a recount is commenced immediately—after which all concerned parties are satisfied that the results are accurate.

In contrast, no one participating in the American voting system can ever be certain that the original vote tally—an amalgam of paper and electronic ballots—is accurate. Initiating a recount is a statutory process in America, involving a court system that can delay a decision to recount the votes for up to two years. By then no one cares and the votes to recount may no longer exist (if they ever did).

Josef Stalin was quoted as saying, "He who cast the votes decide nothing; he who counts them decides everything."

In America today, the counters have taken over. We have known this since the book Vote Scam by James Collier was published in 1992; what we learned in 1992 was updated in 2003 by Bev Harris in her Black Box Voting investigations. The voters in America today decide nothing; the counters decide everything.

Over 120 million Americans came out to cast what was being billed as "the most important vote" they will ever cast: Four more years of deepening global conflict and vanishing civil liberties under Bush or a chance that John Kerry could "change the channel." Too bad that the decision had already been made; too bad that $billions were spent fooling millions into believing in a race that really wasn’t being run; too bad the evidence is mounting that the election was a fraud; too bad that everyone who voted is now an accessory to fraud.

But its probably worse than that. An 88-year-old Walter Cronkite stated on Larry King Live a few days before the election that we may not know the winner until March or April and that Karl Rove probably had something to do with the alleged October 29 appearance of Osama bin Laden. If Cronkite is right (he was at one time the most trusted man in America) then "Election 2004" was intended to create in Americans a huge emotional investment in the Bush/Kerry pageant. Huge enough to preoccupy us here at home with a silly soap-opera as a cover for the real-life docudramas playing out in the Middle East? Huge enough to misdirect our attention while the final bricks are cemented into our police state? Both? We’ll see.

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