From the October 2004 Idaho Observer:

The D.E.V.I.L. Act and the Disconnected American

by Dennis Grover

Being 60 years old and having an occasional "senior moment" is not unsettling; being 60 years old and watching 30-year-olds experience them in rapid succession, is.

Itís a sad observation, but any adult American capable of thought must acknowledge the phenomena of disconnect between what is obviously right in front of someone and their inability to decipher what they see or hear. You see it in traffic, schools, social events, courtrooms, personal relationships, family, friends and the workplace.

Frustrations come to those of us who see, process and respond to an event, but find ourselves in the midst of a herd seeing the same event but waiting for an official explanation of the obvious. The frustration increases when the herd is offered an interpretation and common sense defying narration stating that what they saw wasnít what they saw. It reaches a level of stupefying proportions when the herd member who believes that what is right in front of them isnít right in front of them responds to you with venomous accusations, character judgments and a propaganda-induced labeling process that is generally 180 degrees out of whack from reality.

Now the herd has bought into the "P.A.T.R.I.O.T" act after the anointed media hummed a few bars incorrectly. Thinkers who have actually read it and became aware that the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act is not a Patriot act, find themselves labeled terrorists. How in the hell did this condition manifest in the United American States? Was it simply destiny that smart people became ignorant (and in some cases stupid) or was it a planned assault on a great nation plagued with apathy in order to take control of their wealth and dignity?

Personally, I believe that ignorance is a result of laziness. Stupidity comes from ignoring ignorance. If a plan to create massive passives were to be implemented, what would it look like?

With the ability to reach into the depths of the English language as far as the authors of the U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. act did, (Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism) I came up with "Dudes Envisioning Villagers Inviting Looting" or the D.E.V.I.L. act. I perceive its inception and implementation to look something like this:

We, the D.E.V.I.L., declare that the Constitutional Republic that now flourishes in America be gradually transformed into a corporate dictatorship through a slowly implemented scheme of education manipulation, medication, mind controls and lies. We pledge to do this with the uninformed consent of the American people. We will take their lives, their fortunes and leave them no sacred honor.

We will teach their children to honor the state and the officials we select.

We will revise history and demonize their founders.

We will replace their wealth with a fiat currency.

We will teach them to live in fear of their police, their governments and their neighbors.

We will impose a tax on everything they do and create.

We will create a legal system to replace their justice system and administer it with mindless whores.

We will poison their water with fluoride, chlorine and any other toxic substance we need to get rid of.

We will poison their food with chemical preservatives.

We will addict them to aspartame and pharmaceutical drugs.

We will villianize all natural health supplements, proponents and remedies.

We will fill their mouths with mercury.

We will fill their skies with streaks of chemicals.

We will license every right they have by convincing them that they are privileges.

We will burn their churches, bomb and/or fly planes into buildings whenever the people appear to not be obliged to our agendas.

We will make medications and then create illnesses for them.

We will promote hate by taking from one group and giving to another..

We will impose our lack of morality on every phase of their communication.

We will restrict their communication unless it fits our plan.

We will take their guns.

We will fabricate wars on drugs, poverty, terrorism and sanity.

We will pollute their air to generate power and lie about it.

We will instill our will in every crevice of their lives from their church to their bedroom.

We will teach them that skin pigmentation and gender is directly related to intelligence and rights, which will surely create racism and division.

We will create the illusion that they choose their own leaders and therefore what they get is what they have chosen.

We will make enough laws to be sure that everything is illegal.

We will have our chosen judges make their own laws.

We will retain ownership of all of their "private" property without their knowledge.

When they challenge us in court we will cut out their tongues, then tell them to defend themselves.

We will bankrupt their country and then lie about it.

We will create new "rights" for some groups to further internal divisiveness.

We will remove any reference to God from our schools and our buildings.

We will vaccinate them against everything we can dream up and put any damn thing we want directly into their bodies.

We will drive all American ingenuity and productivity to other countries.

We will destroy the family farm, family business and family structure.

We will own their children, their thoughts and their production.

While there is much more we will do, this is a great start to creating a nation of dumbed-down slaves who feed themselves.

Knowing that the D.E.V.I.L. Act created this situation, the Disconnected American should come as no surprise to anyone. On the other hand, however, I believe it is possible for those who are not too far-gone to re-connect. All that is required is to verify the D.E.V.I.L. plan and take steps to eliminate it from your own personal life. You alone cannot change or save the nation, but you alone can save yourself, which carries the bonus of saving the nation. If you donít see it, you cannot act on it and will remain ignorant. If you see it and donít act on it you are it.

The massive passives and their civil rights are created by the D.E.V.I.L. God creates real Americans and their unalienable rights. Which are you?

Dennis Grover is the author of Knowledge Equals Freedom and the Host of the syndicated cable access TV program With Liberty and Justice for All (see ad page 23).

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