From the October 2004 Idaho Observer:

A potpourri of observations that foreshadow the imminence of martial law in America

by Barbara Benson

I live in Orange county, California, and have wondered for years why the ocean water near the beach is so polluted that people get sick when they swim in it. Well, I found out that the cites do not treat all of the sewage that they dump into the ocean.

"Mysterious" power outages, such as the one reported occurring last Labor Day weekend, cause more sewage to be dumped in the ocean than normal.

Such events are not so mysterious. I believe they are staged on purpose to make people sick and justify closing the beaches. Sounds like an exercise to prepare themselves and the people for martial law.

Last Labor Day thousands of people desiring to escape the high temperatures here that weekend, were denied access to beaches that were closed by order of public health officials—violators were ticketed.

Smoking is now banned on three of the beaches here. As one smoker said, "Pretty soon we’re not going to be able to move without getting a ticket."

Such laws dissuade people from going places for fear of being ticketed—another experimental conclusion for those preparing us for martial law.

Near where I live, Los Alamos military base is being renovated, and our senator said she wants it completed "by 2005 for homeland security."

I think martial law will come to America in 2005.

A man wrote a letter to the editor of our local newspaper complaining about military troops training in urban warfare in his neighborhood of Dana Point.

I asked a police officer what information he could see about me on his car computer. He said that his onboard computer only tells him whether or not a person has any wants or warrants, but that next year (in 2005) all the computers will contain all personal information about everybody.

The local radio news recently reported there is an epidemic of staph infection in the LA County Jail. The inmates are covered with infectious lesions and about 200 inmates a month become infected. Complicating the problem, released inmates are spreading staph to outside communities. Would it benefit those practicing for martial law to know how well diseases given those in custody will spread upon their release?

The marketplace is experiencing a wave of new "carbo" foods. I encountered a supermarker worker who was pouring gallons of a dairy beverage called "Carb Countdown" into a sink. I was thinking this was a waste until I read the ingredients: Acesulfame potassium, Sucralose (Splenda brand), carageenan, soy protein isolate and whey. Several of these ingredients have appeared in articles in The IO about aspartame.

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