From the October 2004 Idaho Observer:

Tune in to The American Activist

Hosted by

Don Harkins of The Idaho Observer


Ingri Cassel of Vaccination Liberation

The American Voice Radio invited Don and Ingri to host a weekly, one-hour show on its network. The couple agreed and, beginning Friday, October 8, 2004, they will be hosting "The American Activist." During the debut, Ingri and Don will interview each other for a half-hour each from 6 p.m.—7 p.m. PST (9 p.m.—10 p.m. EST). The intent is to introduce the show, which will be a celebration of American activism. After the first show, Ingri and Don will host interesting activist guests on alternating weeks.

The American Voice Radio Network can currently be heard through the website through live audio stream at; C-Band Satelite (Galaxy 11 [G-7], Transponder 12, Audio 8.10) and; some shows are broadcast via shortwave at 15.725 MHz and 7.490 MHz.

Ingri and Don are honored to join the ranks of such distinguished American voices as Jack McLamb, James Lloyd, Ilo Jones, Frosty Woolridge, Justin Plumlee, Frank Staffan, Roger Fredinberg and Bo Gritz on the The American Voice Radio network.

Don’s guests for October

Oct. 15—Citizen Spokane/John Duty: Spokane, Wash.-area activist John Duty of will discuss his efforts to increase public awareness on issues of local and national concern. The show will be airing two days before Citizen Spokane and The Idaho Observer co-sponsor East Coast Author/Activist John Buchanan when his National Truth Tour stops in Spokane October 17.

Oct. 29—Kevin Tighe: Kevin’s career as a broadcast journalist took some interesting turns due to his insistence upon telling the truth on the air. So, now he builds houses. However, Kevin’s passion for news and his ability to have instant recall of almost everything his voracious reading appetite consumes makes him a fascinating person and an entertaining guest.

Ingri’s Guests for October/November

Oct. 22—Catherine Rott: Catherine Rott is an internationally-connected health freedom activist. Her activities are vitally important to every person who believes they have the right to take vitamins and supplements to improve their own health. Why? Because, with Codex Alimentarius, the pharmaceutical industry intends to control our access to health supplements through government regulations.

Nov. 5—Teri Small: Teri Small is the co-director of Medical Veritas International, an association of physicians and researchers who have chosen to no longer participate in the conflicted arena of organized medicine and its "peer-reviewed" journals and are taking a stand for medical truth.

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