From the August 2004 Idaho Observer:

Jesus Christ for President

by VoteForJesus.INFO

The American presidency has evolved into a role which seems more like World Emperor. Beginning with Teddy Roosevelt, presidents have been more focused on foreign affairs than domestic policy.

One party wants to place the United States under the authority of a world government. The other party gives a nod that direction, while moving unilaterally to shore up the empire. It's the trap of a false dialectic. Heads -- they've got you, or, Tails -- you lose.

We see a civilization in collapse. The poor want their bread, circuses and self-indulgence. The rich toss them pretty things without value, and create or exploit incidents to justify adventures abroad and repression at home.

What about Iraq?

None of the so-called leaders dare speak truth about it.

The nations of the world are in a struggle over oil. There isn't enough of the stuff to go around. Somebody is going to win and somebody is going to lose.

It makes complete sense from a geo-strategic standpoint for the United States to get there first. Someone is going to control the oil of Iraq. To ignore this fact is to hand the resource over to others -- probably the Chinese in the long run.

Getting there first is good strategy. It's the least expensive option. America needs oil. The current economy and military infrastructure require it.

In order to defend herself, America needs a strong military. To have a strong military, it is necessary to fight a war now and then.

Training exercises can only accomplish so much. You need to fight a real war from time to time, both to fully test your capabilities and to demonstrate to your enemies that you have the will to fight.

In the current instance, the Pentagon was losing Saudi Arabia as a base of operations. The rulers there, due to corruption and decadence, are losing control. The shift to Iraq as the future base of operations was inevitable.

So from both a financial and military standpoint, the move into Iraq makes sense. Add the active cooperation of the most powerful foreign lobby in Congress, and the war was a foregone conclusion.

Are we saying the invasion of Iraq is justified? Not at all. We are simply pointing out the real reasons for the war, the human reasons -- the ones politicians dare not utter.

The world is filled with war, mostly unseen and untold.

Empires come and empires go. The transitions are difficult and painful. New regimes coming up might be more noble for awhile, but quickly descend into corruption due to the human failings of their leaders.

Should the current empire be defended? What would replace it that would be better?

Should one man exercise as much power as the American president?

In centuries past, the officer at the head of empires and coalitions was called “King of Kings”.

Who is qualified to wield this kind of power?

Our Candidate is the only One capable of exercising such an office with complete justice.

Write in Jesus Christ for President in 2004.


Politicians promise -- but Jesus delivers!

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