From the August 2004 Idaho Observer:

WTP officially ignored by gov't again (still)

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- We the People Congress (WTP) came from all over the country again to demonstrate in Washington, D.C., July 19, 2004, as part of an on-going effort to compel the government to answer pertinent questions regarding the income tax. But again the government ignored the pleas of the millions WTP represents who simply want to be shown the law requiring them to give up nearly a quarter of their earnings to direct taxation via the federal income tax.

Similar rallies have been held several times over the last six years and, no matter how ardent or respectful WTP has presented its questions and concerns, silence has been the response from Capitol Hill and the White House.

The July 19 rally was staged in conjunction with the group's “Petition for Redress” lawsuit, which was recently rejected by the Federal District Court in which it was filed. The intent of the lawsuit was to secure a court order compelling the government to publicly and for the record answer WTP's questions about the income tax.

In apparent retaliation, federal agents raided the Florida home of IRS accountant-turned-tax honesty advocate/plaintiff Sherry Jackson on July 28. Go to for details on the group's recent rally and six years of activity preceding it.

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