From the August 2004 Idaho Observer:

Yurko update:

“Everyone is coming to Orlando”

A grateful Alan Yurko made the comment above in a recent letter to The IO. Yurko, who was sentenced to serve life plus 10 years for allegedly shaking his baby to death in 1997, has been granted an evidentiary hearing scheduled to take place the week of August 23 at the Orange County Courthouse in Orlando, Florida. Unexpected numbers of his supporters are traveling from all over the world to attend the hearing.

Yurko, 34, has accomplished an amazing feat from behind the razorwire at Century Correctional Institution in Century, Fla. -- he has assembled a dedicated cadre of experts and lay people who have managed to scientifically discredit the autopsy that led to his 1998 conviction and the medical examiner who performed it.

At the hearing, which is being held to determine if Yurko will be granted a new trial, the “Yurko Project” will be putting on evidence that proves his baby died as a result of vaccines he never should have received and an overdose of heparin which may have been administered by an emergency room physician to hasten Baby Alan's death.

Yurko also commented that a surprise awaits the state of Florida. Though he could not elaborate, he did say his attorneys chuckled and said, “I can hardly wait to see what they have to say about that.”

Much attention is focused on the Yurko case because hundreds of possibly innocent adults, who were alone with babies that suddenly needed emergency care, have been convicted and sentenced to prison for allegedly “shaking” them to death as a cover for medical malpractice and the contraindicated administration of vaccines.

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