From the August 2004 Idaho Observer:

On the front lines of the federally-induced Mexican invasion

Those who live along the 200-mile long U.S. Mexican border believe that about 30,000,000 -- not the Bush administration's estimated 8,000,000 to 12,000,000 -- Mexican aliens are living in this country illegally.

According to Homeland Security Consultant Rand Lewis, about 90 percent of the Homeland Security Budget goes to the Transportation Safety Administration (TSA) for airport security.

That leaves 10 percent for border security. So, while millions of illegals are entering this country by simply walking or driving into it, Americans traveling by airplane are searched, scanned, partially undressed and treated with suspicion by TSA employees.

Though illegal immigration has always been a concern in border towns, the problem has reached cataclysmic proportions since President Bush announced his plans to grant amnesty to illegal Mexican immigrants in 2001. Following is a story from the front lines of the problem. The article below ought to be read as if it were in your neighborhood that the Mexican invasion was taking place. Why? Because, if there are 30 million of them here already, the invasion will be coming to your neighborhood -- soon.

by Sadie Forwards

U.S. citizens traveling rural roads in Cochise County will not see any signs warning of the danger that exists 24/7 in our rural community. Arizona's newspapers will not be reporting the full details informing the public of the dangers that lurk on every square mile of our county.

High speed chases and detailed information of each border intrusion into the U.S from Mexico are not reported in the press with the exception of the occasional high profile incident and remarkable drug seizure.

There are no daily reports in the main stream media informing the public about the other 99 percent of the illegal aliens apprehended or the crimes they commit every day in Cochise County communities.

Where's the press?

You won't hear on the five o'clock news that Mr. Smith called Border Patrol last night at 11 p.m. to report 25 illegal aliens hiding in his back yard.

I can assure you that calls from local citizens flow into the Border Patrol Stations in Arizona on a steady basis seven days a week.

It would be impossible to send enough reporters out into the fields and roads to cover each group of reported illegal intruders in my neighborhood.

Who could write an article about each high speed vehicle chase giving the details of human and drug smugglers speeding away from law enforcement and Border Patrol agents?

What reporters could be here in the Border War Zone to report the endless groups of illegal aliens hiding from federal agents in the mountains and ravines all day every day in my county?

Who would report the thoughts and fears of local residences right after they witness the total disregard for law enforcement agents and human life commonly displayed by the illegal aliens that trespass on us everyday and night?

Homeland insecurity

Our United States Border Patrol has sensors located in remote border areas. These sensors record how many aliens entered the country illegally in a specific area near the border. Border Patrol Agents' voices ring out over radio communications, like a voice through a Bingo Hall, but instead of B-5 and N-15, sensor hits are called and the numbers add up to thousands a day. Agents' radio chatter are never ending reports of, “sensor number so-and-so hit for 2, sensor number so-and-so hit for 63, hit for 21, hit for 30, hit for 12...”

Border Patrol Agents chatter also includes citizens' calling and reporting illegal aliens walking down the road, hiding on private property and loading into vehicles driven by human smugglers called “coyotes.”

I have to wonder why Cochise County has not printed large metal signs and placed them at the hundreds of human smuggler pick-up areas on the sides of our roads that say, ILLEGAL ALIEN PICK UP AREA-HIGH SPEED-HIGH CRIME AREA.

If these signs were placed by the barbed wire fences where anyone can see discarded water jugs and back packs that are hurriedly tossed on the ground by the invaders before they jump into the human smugglers' vehicles, then citizens would have ample warning and a chance to protect themselves.

But for now, as in many years past, the only signs we will see on the sides of the roads will be the invaders trash where the footprints end and the tire tracks begin.

Approximately 10 to 20 percent of the aliens caught crossing the border illegally are deported. That means 80 to 90 percent sneak through successfully. Most of the 10 to 20 percent that have been deported just turn around and head north again the same day.

It is estimated now that about 10,000 aliens enter the U.S. illegally daily and almost every one of them have hired human smugglers to assist them in violating U.S. law.

What, me worry?

So you may say, “I do not live in a border community and this does not effect me.” However, heading north in these speeding vehicles carried by the invaders are diseases such as, hepatitis A, B and C, tuberculosis, leprosy, Chagas' disease, smallpox and more.

There are no big metal warning signs in your cities or towns anywhere in the U.S.A. either. The war in my back yard is headed your way and we will all suffer the consequences equally, sooner than later.

Make no mistake: The invasion is real

Recently a neighbor stopped and told me about a group of approximately 500 illegal aliens on Fort Huachuca. My neighbor was concerned because he said, “I have been following the news on TV and the news papers, but I can't find it reported anywhere. Isn't that just the way it is here on the border? The general public has no idea what we live with (in rural border areas) and most U.S citizens have no idea what is happening in this country. I only know about the group of 500 because I saw it with my own eyes. It will be hushed up.”

Illegal aliens have taken over our rural desert, the “Alien Xing” paths can be seen almost anywhere. Citizens are afraid to hike in the desert. Rural roads are high speed chase areas and very dangerous. This is the only hand painted sign I have ever seen in Cochise County, but I have photographed hundreds of pick-up areas scattered with footprints, cut fences, trash and human feces.

There goes the neighborhood

Now let's consider all the new home owners moving into Cochise County. Potential home and land buyers are looking for a nice area to invest their hard earned dollars to build a home and live the beautiful country life.

What do they find after they have locked into the 15 to 30 year mortgage? They moved in, settled down only to discover that a war is being waged in their backyard. Quite a few folks find it necessary to purchase a cell phone, dog, security lights and a firearm after they move in to protect themselves from the daily crimes being committed by illegals in our rural community.

Proper signage wanted

You don't have to see large groups of illegal aliens walking down the streets, or personally witness vehicles loaded with contraband or be a direct victim of the illegal crime spree to see what is happening here because the signs are everywhere.

The signs I am talking about are the tons of trash dropped all over the landscape by illegal aliens -- not the, “Warning Danger -- This Is A High Crime, High Speed Chase Area” signs made of printed metal: They do not exist.

When we see water jugs, clothing, backpacks, and empty food containers all over the sides of the road, how can anyone deny what is happening here and ignore the DANGER SIGNS?


Note: Last June the LA Times reported that agents of the U.S. Border Patrol had been conducting unwarranted searches based upon anonymous tips that illegals may be hiding out in private residences in LA County.

U.S. Border Patrol officials are claiming they cannot stop aliens at the border from entering the country illegally. So now they are coming inland to justify bursting into people's private homes unannounced and fully armed, based on hearsay, under the authority of the Patriot Act and in the interest of homeland security.

The precedent being set here is not a good one. With increasing frequency, American citizens are being subjected to warrantless searches. Whatever rights to privacy we have enjoyed in the past are quickly evaporating. (DWH)

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