From the July 2004 Idaho Observer:

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Reverse/re-engineering our lives

From the moment we are born until the day we die, our lives are engineered. Those who seek to control and exploit the masses spare no expense (spiritually or economically) in molding us in their image of the perfect citizen: Petty, ignorant, malleable, subservient and sickly.

For those of us who reject the life that has been planned for us, ours is a perpetual process of reverse engineering what has been done to us and re-engineering our lives in ways that allow our love, compassion, honor and dignity to shine through.

At birth, the fifth branch of government (organized medicine) goes to work pumping poisons into our bodies; by age five we are to have the recommended amounts of mercury, formaldehyde, live and dead viruses, foreign DNA and other contaminants injected into our bodies in the form of vaccines. Breastfeeding is discouraged so that babies will grow up on chemical formulas. Once we graduate to hard food, we begin consuming chemically-processed, packaged and denatured food largely devoid of nutritional value. The moment our personalities begin to malfunction (somewhere between the ages of 2 and 7) as a result of the multi-directional toxicological assault and malnutrition to which our bodies have been subjected since birth, we are to begin taking psychotropic drugs to encourage our cooperative chemical complacency.

At school we are taught what to think -- not how to think. We are also taught to be petty, self-indulgent consumers who have an incorrect impression of history, a perverse understanding of spirituality, a childish concept of economics and an unnatural view of the natural world. What do we learn about politics, law, government, rights or citizenship? Exactly what we need to know so we can enter adulthood conditioned to believe that those things should be left to experts and its best to simply do as we are told, no matter how ridiculous the order, because resistance is dangerous.

For reasons that have little rhyme or reason, the conditioning didn't take in some of us. Regardless of intelligence, education level, physical ability, upbringing, ethnicity or theology, a small percentage of people born will be free or die trying. We believe in the right to think and act of one's own free will and to be responsible for our lives; we believe in the dignity of the common man. We think this is so marvelous for ourselves and so critical for the general happiness of mankind that we want others to share in the celebration of being free-thinking, fully-informed children of God.

With zeal we attempt to enlighten our family, friends and neighbors of their power and their authority as thinking, creative beings. Unilaterally, we become frustrated that most of those to whom we attempt to give the good news are genuinely contemptuous, rather than appreciative, of what we are trying to give them, which is nothing short of a real life.

The history of civilized man is rich in stories of how people before us tried, and usually failed, to inspire their countrymen to rise to the level where they are capable of self-governance. The track record for being able to inspire the masses to rise up in knowledge and decency to create peaceful, cooperative societies is not very good. But, we are compelled to keep trying because unraveling the secrets of our intentional undoing as physical/social/spiritual beings is a fascinating hobby.

Even if we are not able to change the hearts and minds of enough people to remake our world in the image of honor and decency, we, at least, can become fully aware of what is happening to us and why. Then we can choose to pattern our lives to be a reflection of our truest, most honorable selves -- no matter what. (DWH)

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