From the July 2004 Idaho Observer:

As the saying goes:“Possession is 9/10 of the law”

The Bush administration turned “legal” custody of Saddam Hussein over to the Iraqi people, but retains “physical” custody of the former CIA asset.

Similarly, the Bush administration turned the functions of administrative government over to Iraq June 28, 2004 (two days ahead of schedule), but has no plans to withdraw its military occupation of that allegedly sovereign nation.

Regarding the “trial” of a defendant the U.S. claims is Saddam Hussein, the U.S. decides who the witnesses will and will not be, determines what information will be released and who is allowed in the “court” room.

For Americans to believe that the Iraqis have custody of Saddam Hussein, or believe that the Iraqi people are now in charge of their own domestic affairs requires us to ignore what we have known since 6th grade: “Possession is 9/10 of the law.”

Mrs. Saddam says defendant Saddam is not her Saddam

BAGHDAD -- Seldom in history has there been a question as to the true identity of a defendant in a court trial. However, in the alleged trial of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, controversy abounds as to whether or not the man being tried is, indeed, Saddam Hussein. Mike Ruppert reported June 18, 2004, that the Russian newspaper Pravda published a story claiming the U.S. finally allowed Saddam's wife Sajida Heiralla Tuffa to see her husband. Within moments of entering the prison in Quatar where the deposed president is allegedly being held, she reportedly reemerged screaming in a rage, “This is not my husband, it's his double, where is my husband? Take me to my husband!” Since Tuffa's public display of outrage, several reporters have noted that live footage and photos of the man being tried as Saddam reveal that he has bad teeth and an underbite. Conversely, photos of the real Saddam consistently show that he has near perfect teeth and an overbite. “This single forensic fact alone proves that 'Shaddam' is not the former president,” commented dissident reporter Joe Vialls.

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