From the July 2004 Idaho Observer:

The exponential potential of spreading vital information

Betty Martini of Mission Possible has been telling the world that the FDA-approved artificial sweetener aspartame is a neurotoxic drug poisoning the American people. The people are beginning to listen.

A couple months ago, Martini chased a paramedic down and thrust a copy of The Artificially Sweetened Times into his hands and ordered him to read it so he and his first-responder colleagues can properly identify aspartame poisoning and treat people accordingly.

Martini was in the emergency room of a hospital recently when a very excited man spotted her, grabbed the little redheaded dynamo up in his arms and kissed her. “I never thought I would see you again!” he exclaimed.

It was the paramedic. He read The AS Times and discovered that he, his wife and kids were all experiencing symptoms of aspartame poisoning. They eliminated aspartame from their diets and their symptoms disappeared.

He and his wife are now much more conscious of what they eat and what they feed their children and are getting into organic food. He also said that he has been telling his first-responder friends about aspartame.

Upon leaving the hospital, Martini saw a fireman in a firetruck sipping a diet soda. Tired and not really wanting to climb up and hand him a copy of The AS Times, she yelled up at the fireman, “Hey, I am Dr. Martini, don't you know that stuff is poison. Get down here this instant so I can give you something to read.”

Having no choice in the matter, he climbed down, accepted The AS Times and promised the good (honorary) doctor he would read it from cover to cover.

Last flu season, Martini was at WalMart where about 30 people had signed up to take the flu shot and were awaiting their turn. Martini told them that flu shots contain mercury and that mercury reacts with aspartame in an extremely toxic manner.

Each one received a copy of The AS Times and a short lecture. Every single one of those people left without getting a flu shot.

Do you remember the shampoo commercial that said, “...and they told two friends, and so on...and so on...?”

Well, just imagine what this one lady has accomplished by reaching out and touching a paramedic, a fireman and 30 people about to get a flu shot. Imagine how many first responders now know what aspartame poisoning looks like and how many people they know will avoid the stuff. Then think that this is what Martini does wherever she goes.

We are beginning to win the aspartame battle. Thanks, Betty.

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