From the June 2004 Idaho Observer:

Tax honesty movement takes an internal hit

by The Idaho Observer

Tax honesty Attorney Larry Becraft of Huntsville, Alabama, filed a civil action in Ohio state court May 17, 2004, claiming that Chairman Bob Schulz of We the People violated his intellectual property rights by reneging on a non-disclosure agreement concerning legal research Becraft had forwarded to Schulz in confidence for review.

Becraft alleges that Schulz posted the material to the We The People website without approval and that Schulz refused to take it down after being asked and then told to do so several times.

Becraft claims that the research was part of a strategy and that Schulz's premature public disclosure compromised an end result Becraft believes would have severely compromised the government's position with regard to its collection of wages under the pretense they qualify as “income.”

Schulz claims he had a moral imperative to post the material on his website because the information was vital to people who are defending themselves against the IRS.

Personal note: The IO believes that this conflict has escalated between the parties due to many issues that have been building between them over the last four years of trial, error, strategy, research and activism. An indication arose last fall when Becraft, Phil Hart, Bob Raymond and Bob Bernhoft created the cooperative, yet separate organization People for Truth in Taxation.

Our concern is that the combined efforts of many extremely dedicated people, including Becraft and Schulz, is being divided at a critical moment.

According to the IRS, millions of Americans are refusing to pay taxes for which they believe they are not liable and millions more are aware that the government refuses to answer specific questions about its collection of workers' wages as income.

The arguments being put forward to the government are nearly flawless now and years of excellent research and brilliant activitism are on the verge of reaching a critical mass of public opinion. The general distrust for the federal government has reached unprecedented levels, furthering our chances for imminent success in achieving tax honesty in our lifetime.

It is our most sincere desire that those in leadership capacities follow their hearts, not their emotions and continue doing the noble work of ending the criminal plunder of the working people of this country. Even if our personalities require that we conduct our activities through different organizations, if we perform in good faith, we should still arrive at the Tax Truth train station at approximately the same time. (DWH)

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