From the June 2004 Idaho Observer:

Orgone activism growing worldwide

Orgone Energy Activism is growing right alongside the proliferation of cell towers, HAARP related projects, and cameras at traffic intersections and in federal buildings. Since printing articles on Wilhelm Reich and the power of orgone energy in the March 2003 edition of The Idaho Observer, many of our readers have discovered the power of orgone energy in their life, successfully moving from feeling victimized to being empowered to actively “change the channel” at this important time of transition on our planet. If you are still skeptical of the power of orgone energy in transforming the negative energy surrounding us, don't take our word for it. Purchase a few TBs and a zap checker and “bust” a cell tower near you. Make sure you take electronic emission readings with your zap checker near the cell tower before placing three to four TBs circling the cell tower within 50 to 60 feet from it. Wait an hour and then take another zap checker reading. We are sure you will be as amazed as we were! Following are a few websites and forums that provide more details and support. - Articles about orgone and the adventures of orgonite activists Don & Carol Croft. - Owner of this site makes HHGs, TBs, CBs, powerwands and other specialty items. - Makes HHGs, towerbusters and specialty items. - serious Etheric Freedom Fighters ONLY. - Don Croft's website - Source of high quality CBs, HHGs, and TBs. - Will get you into the world of Sherry Shriner

Glossary of Terms:

CB -- Cloud Buster -- used for diffusing chemtrails. Creates a sizable protective “bubble” around the area the cloud buster is placed.

TB -- Tower Buster -- used for disabling the harmful electromagnetic radiation emanating from cell towers, also referred to as mind control towers.

HHG -- Holy Hand Grenade -- a more sophisticated, powerful TB for use in clearing negative energy in your home and office.

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