From the June 2004 Idaho Observer:

Critical correction

Last month, on my impulse to make an extremely sarcastic point, I may have given an incorrect impression. In the article “Mercury cannot be removed from vaccines” (The IO, May, 2004, page 9) I quoted mercury researcher John Moore as stating, “I'm told...vaccines are so toxic, they are so unsterile that [the use of thimerosal] is a way of sterilizing them so they can be injected and not have the person die on the spot.” My faux pas was to preface the quote by stating that, “Mercury/dental health researcher John Moore strangely supports the claims that thimerosal [a mercury-based preservative] actually makes vaccines 'safer.'” What I should have said was “John Moore's research strangely supports the claims...” My intent was to use his quote to make the point that vaccines are so toxic themselves that one must add one of the most toxic elements on earth to them so people won't drop dead after being injected. It was not my intention to give people the impression that Moore supported the use of thimerosal as a means to make vaccines safer. Moore has dedicated the last 17 years of his life to educating professionals and laypeople as to the deathly toxicity of mercury and in now way would ever advocate its use in products that lead to any amount of human, animal or plant exposure.

From sour grapes to fine wine

After being informed that Mr. Moore was irritated by my use of his quote (and justifiably so, I might add), I called to apologize. He told me that, had Guido been able to find my house, my legs would be broken by now. After apologizing, explaining my true intent and promising to publish a correction, we began talking about mercury.

I had no idea the extent to which we are being exposed to mercury or the broad spectrum of sources of this incessant exposure. He told me that in 2000, the Seattle Post Intelligencer reported that miners on the Columbia River near the Canadian border report “balls of mercury” submerged in the river and that one was “an estimated 30 feet in diameter.” I checked it out and, sure enough, the article was there. The balls of mercury, which have accumulated over time as it is released into the river as a result of mining operations, have formed because of mercury's innate character, which is to gather unto itself. Think about the parts per million continualy sloughing off these balls to contaminate fish, plantlife, irrigation water...

Other shocking things about mercury he mentioned in our conversation were also easily supported with a little research.

We were so impressed with Moore's knowledge of the subject, we asked the Renton, Washington resident if he would consider traveling to Spokane for a speaking engagement. He agreed and we have tentatively settled on September 23, 2004 as the date. Time and location will be announced next month.

Also, with next month's mailing, we will include and excellent 8-page booklet on mercury published by the Health Crusador Newsletter.

I regret any misunderstandings my error may have caused. However, I am glad it provided the opportunity to speak with this dedicated researcher and happier still that it resulted in his coming to Spokane to bless us with the knowledge he has accumulated after many years of researching this critical subject. (DWH)

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