From the June 2004 Idaho Observer:

“Mainstream” media confirming what “alternative” sources have been saying for years:

Your corporately-controlled government has been poisoning Americans for decades

Even such mainstream media outlets as CBS understand that the toxic doses of mercury being delivered into the bodies of Americans through the government's recommended regimen of childhood vaccinations are linked to the nation's epidemics of chronic ill-health and permanent neurological damage among children. Pathetically, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Institutes of Medicine, the American Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, the entities most responsible for promoting the most profound iatrogenic (doctor-induced) disaster in world history, still refuse to admit that injections of known toxins will cause problems since these same toxins are marketed with the stamp of government approval.

It appears that the NotMilkMan Robert Cohen has managed to compel the FDA to reverse its approval of bovine growth hormone -- a patented product that caused dairy cows to produce much more milk at the expense of the cow's health and the health of the people who drink their milk.

Two down, dozens to go. Our work is far from over in this area. We still must expose other government mandated/recommended/sanctioned poisons to which the American people are currently being exposed. We also have to mobilize ourselves to prevent the government from mandating/recommending/sanctioning new poisons to replace the ones we are able to successfully remove from our lives.

Government agencies, pharmaceutical industry and public health officials conspire to approve dangerous chemicals for the mass marketplace

Cabal enjoys immense profits from the misery of millions

Mainstream sources are confirming why America is being ravaged by so many epidemics of chronic and debilitating diseases: The government-approved delivery of pharmaceutical drugs through a well-organized and well-funded network of public health agencies and private physicians.

The result is a multi-hundred-billion dollar-a-year pharmaceutical industry. The cost to consumers beyond the drugs -- in terms of adverse reactions, secondary infections, the development of chronic diseases, expensive surgeries, lost productivity, increased draw upon government entitlement benefits, in-home or institutionalized long-term care, shortened lifespans and diminished quality of life -- is incalculable.

Last December The LA Times released the results of its five-year study into the relationships between the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the pharmaceutical industry and public health officials. The 10,000-word LA Times article by David Willman, Janet Lundblad, Robert Patrick and Christopher Chandler revealed a pasture of institutionalized collusion so rich that corporate profits, not public health and well-being, are the engines driving the last 20 years of government approvals for pharmaceutical drugs.

Rep. James Greenwood (R-PA), chairman of the House Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee, after reviewing The LA Times article and commenting on the congressional investigation it prompted, stated, “This is not just a matter of a revolving door, where at NIH people go from a federal agency to the private sector, this is a question of a swivel chair where they sit at one desk and do both jobs.”

Also last December, The London Observer published the results of an investigation revealing that at least 50 percent of articles published in esteemed medical journals, though claiming to be written by physicians or researchers, were actually penned by ghostwriters in the employ of drug companies. “We are being hoodwinked by the drug companies. The articles come in with doctors' names on them and we often find some of them have little or no idea about what they have written,” said Dr. Richard Smith, editor of the British Journal of Medicine.

The impact these drugs are having on Americans has been acknowledged by Congress and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

On Dec. 13, 1999, the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services held a hearing to discuss the impact of doctor-induced death in America. Based upon a report published by the Institutes of Medicine (IOM), nearly 100,000 Americans die each year from “medical errors.” The IOM reported, “More people die in a given year as a result of medical errors than from motor vehicle accidents (43,458), breast cancer (42,297), or AIDS (16, 516).”

An independent study indicates that the numbers of deaths from “medical error” are much greater than the numbers reported by the IOM. The Nutritional Institute of America (NIA), founded in 1974 by Gary Null, Ph.D., released a report based upon data from 994 hospitals nationwide. The October, 28, 2003 report claims that, in the preceding 12-month period, 783,936 deaths from “medical errors” were reported. The NIA concluded that medical errors are now the number one cause of death among Americans. Heart disease came in second and cancer third with 669,697 and 553,251 reported deaths respectively.

According to a CDC report from February 15, 2002, nearly half a million Americans annually simply “drop dead” for no apparent reason. “Each year in the United States 400,000 -- 460,000 persons die of unexpected sudden cardiac death (SCD),” stated the CDC.

Last January, the CDC published its “ AUTISM A.L.A.R.M.” flyer and admitted that “1 in 6 children are diagnosed with a developmental disorder and/or behavioral problem and; 1 in 166 children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.”

The CDC does not offer an explanation as to what could be causing such a huge number of America's children to be neurologically impaired. However, several independent researchers have linked the mercury-based preservative found in most vaccines to exponentially rising numbers of neurologically-damaged children.

To combat growing concerns that government-recommended vaccines are responsible for epidemic autism, the IOM concluded last May that “there is no causal relationship to thimerosal-containing vaccines or MMR vaccine to autism.”

Government recognizes that the unilateral approval and deployment of poisonous substances in America (called pharmaceutical drugs) since the 70s is legally killing at least 100,000 Americans each year. There is no indication, however, that government intends to do something to reduce the number of people who die from government-approved drugs. To the contrary, government seems to support maintaining this deadly status quo.

Complicating injuries caused by pharmaceutical drugs, government is going forward with its plans to control, regulate or eliminate public access to natural remedies found in the intelligent use of vitamins, herbs and botanicals. The FDA recently banned the use of ephedra which has been used safely to address common ailments for thousands of years. The FDA is also pushing for Congress to adopt Codex Alimentarius, a regulatory code that would criminalize the use of vitamins, herbs and botanicals unless obtained under prescription by licensed physicians.

The message being delivered is clear: Government and industry have profited immensely from making America sick and; government and industry are actively preventing America from getting well.

Howdy, neighbors, let's play mass vaccination!

The following was taken directly from a flyer circulated by the Panhandle Health District which services the five northern counties in Idaho. Similar exercises are being held all over the nation (probably in your own community) to resurrect the mass smallpox vaccination plan. If you will remember, shortly after 9/11 Health and Human Services Director Tommy Thompson ”bought” 300 million doses of smallpox vaccine and the CDC ordered the several states to submit their mass smallpox vaccination plans. The plan to force every man, woman and child in America to take the vaccine was scuttled by spring, 2003, because so many of the nation's first responders were experiencing adverse reactions to the experimental vaccine that included death. Rather than waste 300 million doses of vaccine that has already proven to be extremely dangerous, public health officials intend to put a happy face on mass vaccination by encouraging people to participate. Volunteers will be praised for taking their civic responsibilities seriously and will be treated to lunch for their trouble. They will not be told how dangerous the vaccine really is, that nearly one-half of their neighbors are contraindicated (have medical reasons to not take the vaccine); they will not be informed that mass vaccination will likely cause an outbreak of smallpox, not prevent one. We think that at least 500 people should volunteer to be part of the mock protest to add a touch of reality to the exercise.


Your help is needed!

Panhandle Health District is recruiting over 500 volunteers to participate as "mock patients" during a Public Health Emergency Drill at the Sandpoint High School on June 19, 2004.

The Health District and its community partners are hosting the event in an effort to enhance the regions ability to prepare and respond to public health emergencies. The drill will test the Health District's ability to mobilize and operate a mass smallpox vaccination clinic in the event of a bioterrorism attack in our area.

This effort cannot succeed without the support of our community volunteers. We would like to invite your organization to participate in this public health preparedness event. Everyone is welcome, so feel free to invite your friends and relatives to participate in the exercise. The volunteer time commitment is approximately 1 1/2 hours. To thank you for participating, all volunteers are invited to stay and enjoy a free picnic lunch.

Again, the success of the drill depends on the support of our community volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the sign-up sheet (see attached) and return to:

Sara Fladeland, Public Health Preparedness
Panhandle Health District
2195 Ironwood Court, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814
(208) 676-1751 Fax: (208) 664-8582

Activistic response -

* Organize a group to attend these meetings in your area. Make sure your group is educated on smallpox and can pepper the public health folks with appropriate questions. We suggest you spend time on VacLib's Smallpox Index at and re-read Smallpox Alert! at Have a person on the outside put our 1/2 page smallpox flyer on car windshields (which can be downloaded at the “index” link above). Write letters to the editor, and get on talk radio, always raising issues and questions regarding the appropriateness of preparing for mass vaccination, and the planned violation of our basic right to control what we will or will not inject into our bodies.

* We have received many requests to reprint Smallpox Alert! (our journalistic answer to the first mass smallpox vaccination alarm). Once enough people commit to purchasing 100-500 copies of Smallpox Alert!, we will consider reprinting an expanded, 24-page version similar to the new Artificially Sweetened Times (see pages 13 and 24). [] Contact The IO if you will commit to helping us distribute a revised edition of Smallpox Alert!

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