From the June 2004 Idaho Observer:

Aspartame lawsuits multiply - Pfizer and Slimfast sued over aspartame poisoning

Twelve years of collecting data and spreading information is beginning to pay off for Mission Possible and hundreds of activists who have been pressing for the ban of artificial sweetener aspartame. It appears that the tide is turning and that companies producing the neurotoxic drug and companies that include it in their products have been put squarely on the defensive. They are being sued for exposing the public to a substance they know is toxic to humans. Legal scholars who have reviewed the lawsuits believe that the defendants cannot present a case to justify their use of aspartame. The only way the defendants will prevail in these lawsuits is if the public fails to react in proportion to the crimes committed against it. This is one bandwagon activists should consider throwing their hearts into.

REDDING, California -- Two more American giants have been sued in California for deceiving and poisoning consumers. These suits are in addition to the dozen companies sued in April including NutraSweet, Coke, Pepsi, Wrigleys, and Walmart (The Idaho Observer, April, 2004)

The toxicity and progressive destruction to users of Aspartame/NutraSweet/Equal was established in three congressional hearings and books by world renowned physicians like Doctors H. J. Roberts and Russell Blaylock.

More complaints have been filed with the FDA on aspartame than on all other food additives combined. FDA once published a list of 92 adverse reactions to this poison from 10,000 consumer reports - symptoms included seizures, blindness and death. FDA doesn't take the complaints any more, nor do they post the reaction list, perhaps because many high ranking FDA officials have joined the NutraSweet industry.

“We have a duty to look after each other. If we lose control of our government, then we lose our ability to dispense justice and human kindness. Our first priority today, then, is to defeat utterly those forces of greed and corruption that have come between us and our self-governance,” said Arthur Evangelista, a former FDA investigator intimately familiar with aspartame toxicity who is now director of Mission Possible, North Carolina.

CASE #224797 against Slim-Fast Foods in County of Shasta, Redding, Ca.

CASE #151612 against Pfizer Pharmaceuticals in the same court as above

Full data on April actions at:

The companies answer consumer complaints with the usual propaganda.

See some rebuttal at

National Justice League

2205 Hilltop Drive, Ste. 2022
Redding, California



For interviews on toxicity of aspartame contact:

Dr. Betty Martini, Founder
Mission Possible International
9270 River Club Parkway
Duluth, Georgia 30097
770 242-2599

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