From the May 2004 Idaho Observer:

We the People planning new wave of tax honesty activism

QUEENSBURY, New York -- Tax honesty advocate We the People has unveiled its most recent plan of action to compel the government to address critical questions regarding the legality of the income tax.

On May 10, 2004, a certified letter, with attachments, was sent to President Bush, Senator Kerry, Treasury Secretary Snow, Attorney General Ashcroft and IRS Commissioner Everson.

Each official was presented with the substance of the most damning evidence to date demonstrating that the government is acting ultra vires (without bona fide authority), in forcing ordinary Americans to file and pay an un-apportioned, direct tax on their salaries, wages and compensation, while forcing American companies to withhold and turn over to the IRS a percentage of the earnings of those American citizens.

Each one of the officials who received the letter was requested to send a representative to a WTP-sponsored public forum at the National Press Club scheduled for July 19, 2004, to answer a limited number of questions aimed at finally settling the grievances of the People regarding the Executive branch's operation and enforcement of the “income” tax.

Each of the five officials have been advised that should the July 19 symposium be as fruitless as prior opportunities presented to the Executive and Legislative branches to properly respond to our Petitions for Redress, it will be necessary to immediately motion the Court for an order to expedite the Right To Petition lawsuit and to temporarily and preliminarily prohibit and enjoin the IRS and DOJ from taking any further enforcement actions against companies and individuals for failure to withhold or failure to file and pay the “income” tax, until the court determines the answers to these underlying questions.

The attachments forwarded to the five officials include the book “Constitutional Income: Do You Have Any” by Phil Hart, a comprehensive analysis that proves the 16th Amendment did not authorize the direct taxation of wages. The second new research report attached to the letter, by a highly experienced and credentialed tax professional, who wishes to remain anonymous, is entitled, “Analysis of the Federal Income Tax Laws.”

The Idaho Observer and We the People are working together to maximize the impact of this plan to compel government to answer 38 questions July 19. You can assist us by distributing The People's Income Tax Guide, which is a masterful summary of Hart's “wages are not income” argument.

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