From the May 2004 Idaho Observer:

Ode to National Infant Immunization Week:

Stick It

by Ana Phylaxis

I actually don't mind green eggs and ham.
It's vaccines I don't like, Uncle Sam.

Too many children have paid the price
for harmful and deceptive immunization advice.[1]

There is more to health than preventing infections
with dozens of toxic and dangerous injections.

You purposefully ignore all of the parents' cries
that autism, asthma and diabetes continue to rise. [2]

Since the word “safe” implies “free from harm”,
I'll choose what's injected into my child's arm.

I do not want them up my nose, [3]
or spliced into my potatoes. [4]

I will not drink them in a glass. [5]
I will not let you stick my @$$. [6]

I do not want them for any reason,
not even in your “worst” flu season. [7]

For decades now you've been trying to hide,
the dangers of mercury and formaldehyde. [8]

You won't do the research to try to explain
why vaccines sometime ruin a developing brain. [9]

Yet you tell us to just say no to drugs,
but if we question a shot you act like thugs.[10]

Are injected monkey and fetal cells really healthy?
Or are they part of the scam that makes drug companies wealthy? [11]

When you 'all lay down tonight to say your prayers,
please include all the vaccine victims listed in VAERs.


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[10] The Erosion of Public Trust & Informed Consent through Immunization Harassment, Discrimination and Coercion

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