From the May 2004 Idaho Observer:

What is poisoning U.S. children?

In 2000, Congress approved $2.7 billion, 20-year study to find out. Budget concerns are likely to delay funding for another couple years.

by The Idaho Observer

Exponentially-increasing numbers of American children are being diagnosed with a full spectrum of neurological and physiological problems. The federal government, apparently mystified as to what could be causing so many children to be chronically sick, announced in late April that it intends to launch the largest study of children in U.S. history. The National Children's Study will track 100,000 children from the womb into adulthood, examining their genetic makeup, environment, eating habits, home situations and health. The proposed study will span 20 years and cost an estimated $2.7 billion.

“It's big science. It's the same order of magnitude as the human genome project,” said Dr. Peter Scheidt, director of the study's program office at the National Institutes of Health's “National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.”

The study is the government's response to its public health agencies being deluged with questions from concerned Americans suspecting that several government public health policies are behind epidemic increases in childhood asthma, allergies, anger, depression, obesity, autism and other developmental and learning disorders.

Congressional committees have already, at tremendous public expense, investigated mass and mandated vaccination, the use of mercury amalgams, forced medication of the public through fluoridated water and the broad spectrum of complications associated with consumption of synthetic sweetener aspartame and flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate. In 20001, a congressional committee found that 100,000 Americans each year die from the prescribed use of pharmaceutical drugs.

Rather than analyze the vast pool of knowledge and experience that has accumulated over the years and come to an understanding of what is poisoning children now and alter public policies to spare children from exposure to known toxins, the government has decided to study the problem for another 20 years.

More accurately, the government will likely make a grand production of this study in an effort to indefinitely delay an admission that public health and social policies enforced by government are poisoning our children.

Science and the Congressional Record already show that government-approved, recommended or mandated toxins found in vaccines, pharmaceutical drugs, dental amalgams, fossil fuel and industrial emissions, municipal water supplies and packaged/processed food are solidly linked to the full spectrum of symptoms currently plaguing children. In January, 2004, the CDC stated that one in six American children are currently diagnosed as having a developmental and/or behavioral problem and one in 166 are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder.

The study allegedly seeks to determine if these and other problems being displayed by shocking numbers of American children are caused by exposure to toxins, genetic predisposition, television, poor nutrition, their home environment or a combination of all factors.

It is clear to those with a wholistic understanding of life that no single factor can be identified as the culprit behind the poisoning of America's children. It is also clear that the government fully recognizes that our nation is being poisoned and seeks to delay taking any action for 20 years.

The study was authorized by Congress in 2000, but budget shortfalls will likely delay funding for at least another year or two.

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