From the April 2004 Idaho Observer:

Most important lesson of 21st century:

The “experts” have their own agenda and it ain't ours

Contrary to what the man on the TV says (see hardcopy of The IO, April, 2004), everything is not fine and the only experts he has consulted are lying.

The experts tell us to fear terrorists and trust the police state.

The experts tell us the economy is good.

The experts tell us oral and injected mercury are safe.

The experts tell us fluoridated water safely prevents tooth decay.

The experts tell us synthetic vitamins are better than natural ones.

The experts tell us that microwaved food is wholesome.

The experts tell us genetically modified foods are wholesome.

The experts tell us chemical fertilizers grow nutritious crops.

The experts tell us pesticides and herbicides are not humanicides.

The experts tell us eggs are high in bad cholesterol, no, yes, no.

The experts tell us conspiracy factualists are wackos.

The experts tell us vaccines are safe and effective.

The experts tell us we must treat cancer with carcinogens.

The experts tell us we are forever dependent on fossil fuels.

The experts tell us justice is found in our courts.

The experts tell us government is here to help us.

The expert inside us, if we let him speak, knows better.

This is a pep talk. Since we gave up pretending to be objective about current events a year ago and we are, all of us reading The IO, either contributors, readers, producers or government agents, we may as well use this opportunity to take stock of our situation.

We have a country going down the tubes. Governmentally, politically, socially, culturally, environmentally, economically, spiritually, physically, we all -- even the government agents -- feel it: This is not the way it is supposed to be.

When you take a long hard look at the inane nonsense that describes the 9/11 investigation; the murderous denial from organized medicine of the link between toxic chemicals and epidemic chronic disease and neurological dysfunction; the idiotic assurance from government through its dominant media mouthpieces that all is well and normal, you get a very strong message. We (those who aren't afraid to think) must realize something: It is up to us.

Two-hundred and ninety-million Americans; a million of which are government agents and their experts. We do not have a corrupt government. We have a mirror reflection of the American people as a nation. There is no other excuse for a group that outnumbers its oppressors 290-to-1. We (except for the government agents) all think for ourselves. That is why we are reading (in my case writing) these words. Our failure is that we haven't inspired enough family members and friends experience the joy of thinking independently. We are so obsessed with trying to make them see the world as we see it, we have forgotten that our journey into social and political dissidence began with a spark. Most of us aren't any smarter than the next guy. Enough of us can think when we have a notion to do so. Find a person in the dark. Give them a spark.

Look at you. You know the score. It's 290-1. Take the field. Decency can prevail. (DWH)

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