From the April 2004 Idaho Observer:

World receives advance warning of medical Armageddon

The truth is coming out: Pharmaceutical drugs are causing more problems than they ever solved. Worse yet, modern medicine is responsible for the epidemics currently killing and maiming people all over the world.

Rather than admit the grand experiment of exposing billions of people to toxic substances as a means to cure sickness and prevent the spread of communicable diseases did not work, organized medicine is pouring money into disinformation and maintaining the illusion that there is no evidence linking various components of pharmaceutical medicines to the world's rapidly escalating levels of ill-health.

For good measure, the powerful pharma cartel, whose practitioners take an oath to “do no harm,” are not above using police powers to force acceptance of their medicaments at gunpoint.

Last December The London Observer published an expose' of how the world's most esteemed medical journals have devolved to the point that nearly half of all articles they publish, though attributed to licensed physicians and credible researchers, are ghostwritten by pharma employees.

Insight Magazine's Kelly Patricia O'Meara exposed how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) intentionally skewed test results to disprove the link between the mercury in childhood vaccines and the development of autism. The December 8, 2003 article showed that earlier test data not published in the final report clearly identified the link between mercury-containing vaccines and autism. This is a clear indication of fraud at the level where public health policy is made.

Also last December, the LA Times published a 10,000-word expose' describing how a five year investigation revealed that government scientists at the National institutes of Health, government regulators at the food and Drug Administration, the CDC and pharmaceutical executives have unleashed a toxic array of chemical poisons into commerce under the pretense they are scientifically proven, government-approved safe and effective drugs. The article's authors discovered that greed, not the Hippocratic oath, determines what drugs are approved, promoted, mass-produced, mass-marketed and delivered into the bodies of trusting people.

The LA Times struck again with, “U.S. Won't Alert Parents, doctors on Mercury in Flu shots for Kids.” Published on the front page of the newspaper's business section April 2, 2004, the article explains how thimerosal, a mercury-based “preservative” used to retard the growth of bacteria and fungi in many vaccines, is critical to the mass-production process. To remove it, the CDC reasons, would diminish flu vaccine supplies, reduce their shelf life and make them much more expensive. “The available scientific evidence has not shown thimerosal-containing vaccines to be harmful,” the LA Times quoted an unnamed CDC spokesman as saying.

We know the CDC is lying here because CDC Director Julie Gerberding, in response to a letter from Rep. Dave Weldon (R-FL), an MD, stated that, regarding the study exposed as fraud by Insight Magazine just a couple of months ago, she had, “...serious reservations about the [study's] four-year evolution and conclusions...”

The CDC is adding the flu vaccine to the list of recommended childhood vaccines for next fall. The CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices is now recommending that all children between the ages of six months and 24 months receive two (thimerosal-containing) flu shots.

So rather than remove thimerosal, it appears the CDC will just stop listing it as a vaccine component. To increase the illogic here, the Food and Drug Administration has recently been cautioning pregnant and nursing women to refrain from eating fish that are high in mercury because one in six infants and newborns are exposed to unsalfe levels of mercury through the umbilical cord and breast milk.

Incidentally, the World Health Organization (WHO) held an “Informal Meeting on Removal of Thimerosal from Vaccines and its Implications for Global Vaccine Supply” May 21, 2002. The WHO's logic mirrors that of the CDC: It is commercially unfeasible to remove thimerosal from vaccines and there is no evidence linking thimerosal to neurological dysfunction.

The WHO also recommended that, since thimerosal performs other functions besides being a “preservative,” that it may just be removed from the list of ingredients as a preservative so that people are not unnecessarily concerned about this toxin being injected into their children.

Other articles and statistics prove the causal relationship between pharmaceutical drugs and the saddening state of health worldwide. A congressional committee even reported in 2001 that at least 100,000 people die each year from properly prescribed and administered pharmaceutical medications.

The purpose of this short article is to point out that, while common sense, personal experience and real science have proven that pharmaceutical drugs are not safe or effective, the machinery developing, studying, approving, marketing and administrating them deny the obvious and willingly force them into you and your children with police power.

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